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Who is in your support network?

Happy Friday BSM families,

Week 4 already! Where has the time gone? Well, for Year 7 they have been completing their physical literacy testing in PE, Health and Well-being, Year 8 have been exploring the vocabulary of Viewpoints and Year 9 have been devising their own original performances in Drama. Year 10 investigate sequences and modelling in Maths, whilst Year 11 discuss their ‘next steps’ with the Higher Education team. The Year 12 have been studying evidence that shifted atomic theory from the plum pudding model to quantum theory and the Year 13 prepare for the next 26 schools weeks left at BSM with a focus on keeping themselves well.

In my experience after 4 weeks, families are more settled, new teachers have orientated themselves and our more seasoned staff and students are back into the full swing of things. It is also a time when we start reflecting on who we have around us, especially those who may be new or experiencing the summer blues. I’d like to share some thoughts on this and start by sharing a short anecdote. Way back yonder, almost 7 years ago, my Dad handed me a piece of card with a hand written note on it:

This same note has been sat on my desk ever since and I often read it, soaking in the words and absorbing the powerful message it gives. In my first year as Deputy Head of Senior my Dad handed me one of the most important guiding principles that I still continue to live by now. Why? Because despite having the most wonderful life and job, in the most wonderful school, I too have my wobbles – just as you will have in your lives. Who I surround myself with has a direct impact on how I cope, perform and manage my life. I truly believe this is a message worth sharing, so I did, with my Year 8 and 9 today, challenging them to think deeply about those who they allow to surround and influence them, using these prompts:

  1. Who is in your 5-aside support network?
  2. Do you have all bases covered or could you benefit from a wider support network?
  3. Just as you have a support network, you will also feature in someone else’s 5-aside support network – are you the influence they need?
  4. What are your expectations from your 5-aside?
  5. Being part of a 5-aside, what can you offer that will support and add positivity to the support network?

These five questions are as relevant to us parents as they are for 12 and 13 year olds. In between our busy schedules, spinning the many plates parenthood throws at us, take a moment and reflect on who you surround yourself with. Are they people who believe in you, support you, shower you with positivity and build you up? But equally, are they true to you, offering guidance and advice, gently steering you in the right direction when you have lost your way? Maybe you have a strong network, tried and tested but maybe you are lacking in some areas, which is so easy to experience given the transient nature of our international lives. People come and go, goodbyes are frequent and our circle of support can sometimes be scarce. It’s so very important you connect with others to re-build that which you may have lost. BSM is a busy school and that in turn offers many opportunities – what a perfect place to connect, to find like-minded people, to join in, contribute to the community and to even serve those around the Philippines with far less.

As you start your weekend, take time to identify your support network and make plans to connect with them. Have a restful few days!

Next week is Week A.

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