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We aim for our students to flourish through:

“being happy, healthy and managing their own well being” – BSM Vision and Mission


Last week I revisited the Curriculum Evenings that we hosted in our first week back, where we relaunched our Well- Being Framework. This week I will give some of the background to this.

As a school we describe ourselves as a learning community. What does this mean? For our educators this means we engage with research. We read and are up to date with current practice and around campus we have conversations about learning all the time. For students we want them to have the best learning opportunities, again backed by research. Parents are included in this community and the information sessions that we run at the start of the year and continue throughout are a way to share our pedagogical thinking with all. We want you to be on board with our practices, understanding the what, why and how.

For well-being as our Vision and Mission says we want our students to flourish, a word various dictionaries define as:

  • to grow luxuriantly
  • to achieve success
  • to thrive

Fabulous definitions that we feel wonderfully encompass how we want our students to develop. Martin Seligman, a leading light in the field of positive psychology, uses the word as the title of his 2013 book, subtitled “A visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being.” He outlines key areas that underpin happiness and alongside further reading and research we developed BSM’s well-being strands and well-being vision:


To create a school climate where our community: children, staff and parents, are committed to personal growth and building resilience. We appreciate the importance of a balanced and active lifestyle whilst being accepting of oneself and others. We can self-regulate to recognise our own feelings, thoughts and emotions and have a sense of belonging and purpose within our school.

Aiming to build capacity within each strand this sets up a strong foundation for a child to learn, grow and ultimately flourish. In the Primary School, each day will begin with a short well-being session and in our assembly this morning each year group from Year 2 upwards gave us an example of the type of activities that support these goals. These ranged from journals and circle time, to evaluating personal Roses and thorns, things we are thankful for and massage.

Thank you to those that shared their well-being learning with us this morning and I will continue to unpack our framework in future weeks.


5 September Settling in PTCs 1-4pm

PTCs will be held next Thursday 5 September from 1-4pm. This will be a brief opportunity to discuss how your child has settled into their new class. If you are unable to make this time please contact the class teacher to make a separate appointment.

We will finish at lunch time that day so all children will need to be picked up at 11.35am. There will be a bus service at this time for those children who return home by bus.

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