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Well-being Week

We aim for our students to flourish through:
being happy, healthy and manage their own well-being”
BSM Mission and Vision


This week has been Well-being Week at BSM and our year groups in primary have been enjoying a variety of activities to support student well-being. Each has given us a brief report below to give us a window into the opportunities students have had:


The Nursery children had a variety of experiences this Well-being Week. Everyday they looked forward to the magic fruit of the day. We had dragon fruit, mangosteen, guava, papaya and pomelo. Most of them observed, smelled and touched the fruit whilst some were eager to have a taste. The children enjoyed the wonderful culture of India through Bollywood dancing and yoga. They learned to use their gentle hands when greeting a pet dog. With the use of natural materials around us, the children expressed themselves by creating collaborative environmental art. We ended each day saying thank you to whatever or whoever we are grateful for.


All week Reception children and staff have been discussing, and taking care of their own well-being. The children helped set up a spa in the classroom and have been giving and receiving massages. Parents have led afternoon yoga sessions, whilst on ‘Waggy Wednesday’ the children loved having in some special furry friends. We finished the week with an early morning hip hop dance session with Coach Raynald!

Year 1

In Year 1 we have had a very relaxing Well-being Week. The children got to use our new chill out zone and visit the spa they developed to give each other massages and take some time out of the busy day. They have had the opportunity to paint while listening to relaxing music, explore their senses and take part in trust games. We have been thinking about what we are thankful for, taking the time to write this down. The children have also been making cookies, cards and decorating hearts all week and these will be delivered to the people around us in school who help us every day but we may take for granted. To finish off the week, each child will write a secret note to one of their peers, describing what they like most about them. What a wonderful week.

Year 2

Throughout the week the children have been involved in a variety of well-being activities. From mindful colouring and yoga to dancing and singing, we’ve certainly had time to relax, chill out and be in the moment. On Wednesday, the parents were invited to help prepare the children for their autobiographical presentations. It was lovely seeing both the parents and children deep in conversations, talking about their family and places that are special to them. On Thursday, we ventured out to the EYFS playground to get muddy and wet! We had so much fun and we hope Mr Swanson will invite us to use the EYFS playground again! This week, we have also thought about our local environment. From the plastic we have collected across the term, we sorted it into the seven plastic groups and… shredded it! It was actually mesmerizing seeing and hearing the plastic shred to pieces! We are going to use the shredded pieces to make cushions for our year group.

Year 3

Year 3’s have had a fantastic Well-being Week, having different themes for each day. The children loved having extra play in the EYFS playground, a fruit picnic and a chance to interact with the bees, a cuddle with Chewy (Miss Kristine’s teacup terrier) and made time to pause, rest and enjoy a nice book. On Thursday morning, the children showcased their autobiography projects to each other and reflected on their commonalities, uniqueness and expressed what they appreciated about each of their classmates. All week, they have been taking time out to do some mindful exercises, including completing a huge mandala and have been playing a crazy fruit challenge, which has left us in stitches with laughter all week long!

Year 4

This week has been a fabulous opportunity for the students in Year 4 to continue their well-being journeys! They have identified further ways they can self-regulate to develop a healthy mind and body. Through circuit classes, mindful eating, yoga and fun with a very lovable puppy, they have enjoyed having the time each day to focus on themselves and what they need to stay happy and healthy. At the end of the week, they shared letters to themselves, as a way of sharing aspects of their own identity.

Year 5

What an interesting and varied Well-being Week Year 5 have had! There have been opportunities to think about what makes our emotions change, a roar walk around the campus, a visit to the EYFS playground, deciding what makes us smile, mindful colouring, handing out snacks to other primary classes to make someone else smile, and our year group well-being exhibition as a grand finale.

Year 6

Year 6 kicked off the week with a year group breakfast: 6AC prepared fruit skewers, 6RS banana pancakes and 6JG a range of smoothies. At different points throughout the week, everyone has had the opportunity to share their autobiographical presentations with their classes. We each noted down new things we learnt about our classmates, and have certainly gotten to know them better. Mr Hannon very kindly brought in Bruce the Boston Terrier, and we had so much fun on the EYFS playground! We ended the week with a rotation of activities: making worry dolls, yoga with George’s mum and doodling.

Have a wonderful half term break and I hope you find lots that supports your well-being in that time.


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