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Dear BSM Family,

I trust that each of you is well at this time. We have all been buoyed by the recent shift in quarantine conditions, albeit a small concession to our daily lives in being able to get out a bit more. But as has been the case since the beginning of this pandemic, the  situation is constantly evolving. Schools across the globe, as with our own BSM, are struggling to make the right decisions for their students and communities. We have been most fortunate to be able to connect with our extensive worldwide school connections and learn from them, share ideas and often avoid mistakes through invaluable advice shared. Looking ahead, as with so many other schools, we may not know whether our decisions have been “right” until the benefit of hindsight appears. 

Rest assured though that we are cautious and conservative in all of our decision-making and will consider community health, safety and welfare as top priorities, along with the law, and our own BSM vision and ethos. 

While we look, listen and learn from others, we are acutely aware that what fits in other schools in their particular mileu will not necessarily fit for BSM and I ask that you please bear this in mind when our plan is shared. 

We will continue to seek input from various quarters as we finalise our return plan which we will share details of with our community next week. Please note that we plan a return to “schooling” on 17th August, albeit in a virtual mode with incremental moves back to bricks-and-mortar over a period of time. 

All the very best to each and every one of you.

Enjoy a family-filled long weekend.


Martin van der Linde

Head of School



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Please click here for the latest video message from the Head of Primary School.

Please click here for the latest video message from the Head Students (Senior School).


BSM Commemorative Collaborative Artwork

To thank our community, in particular our front liners, for their hard work, sacrifice and effort to keep BSM operating during the lockdown caused by COVID-19, we are planning to create a commemorative artwork formed as a collaboration across the whole BSM community.

What is the end goal?

  • To create a large scale collaborative art piece to be displayed in school;
  • To provide gifts of the work, in the form of a digital print, to our front-line staff, giving them a permanent thank you for their commitment to BSM during lockdown; 
  • We will also look to sell copies of the artwork in various forms to raise funds for our support-staff emergency fund and service learning partners.

How can I as a parent or member of the community get involved?  

We want to extend this collaborative work beyond students and therefore invite you, as a parent, to add your artwork alongside our staff and students.

Create a simple, symbolic artwork relating to the theme of ‘stronger together‘.

It needs to be: 

  • In a perfect square, but you can use any size
  • You can use whatever colours you want
  • You can use whatever medium you like (acrylic paint, watercolour, digital art, collage, charcoal, coloured pencil, pen, etc.)
  • You can make multiple submissions if you wish
  • Submissions must be in the form of a .jpeg file (please take a photo of your artwork in a well lit room/garden, so that your artwork looks sharp and clear, not pixelated, fuzzy, or has shadows on it!)
  • Submit your jpeg file via this google form – one form per submission. Files must be under 100MB in size
  • Important info: to use this google form you will need to be logged in with a britishschoolmanila.org email account.

Please note: For the final piece of work, there may be a need to manipulate the colours of your piece.

All submissions need to be in by 5 June 2020

Some examples of suggested compositions are below:

We will unveil the final piece with everyone’s work brought together as one great piece when we are reunited on campus.



Dear Primary School Families,

I hope you are keeping well and staying safe. For me, it was a pleasure to be able to resume my sunrise runs again. There is no better way to begin a day than with a 5km run in breaking light and it certainly beats running in the corridor, which is what I have been doing for the past two weeks! Running with a mask was difficult, though at least that was my excuse for my slower than usual times! I hope you are all finding ways to stay active and healthy and boys and girls please try the daily PE challenges. They are a great way to keep your physical activity going. Ms Jude is being very creative in the things she is setting you to do, so have a go. Being active and healthy is a great way to combat our current situation. 

Science Week (Y2-6)

When we return to school after half term, science will be the key focus of the week. At a time like this, as I say in my video, it is scientists we look to to come up with solutions. Scientists at present are frantically searching for a vaccine for Covid-19 and we hope they are successful. A scientific solution is also key for many of the UN sustainable development goals that are at the core of our global citizen units. Each day next week will have a science focus and you will have to question scientifically, investigate, and work with evidence. You will also be applying your English skills in communicating and demonstrating your understanding in your written work and you will also have to use mathematical skills. I hope you enjoy your Science Week and some of you are inspired to eventually become scientists to solve the problems our planet faces.

Wednesday will remain as Specialist Day and it’s great to see so many of you now accessing these activities and posting examples of finished work. 

Virtual Tours

With half term upon us, where might you be visiting this holiday? The Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, NASA or the  Pyramids perhaps? I mean virtually of course! I have put together some more virtual tours for you to explore, including those four and many others. Click on the link here to open up the world.

Thank yous and a Shout out to BSM’s Security Guards:

Girls and boys I continue to praise your efforts in the situation we find ourselves in. We appreciate the difficulties that you face and are very proud of the efforts you are putting in. In addition, I recognise wonderful parental support throughout this period and we thank you for all you are doing. 

One further group I would like to recognise is our security guards at school. They are our frontliners, living at school. Whilst we are all safe at home, our guards are not with their families as they keep our school safe. So, a huge thank you for all you are doing to protect BSM. Your efforts are much appreciated and some of the claps I offer at 5pm on my balcony are for you.


We really look forward to seeing you all again and getting back to the fun, lively place that BSM is. 

BSM is one big family and we look after each other. Stay safe, stay positive we are in this together. 

Glenn Hardy
Head of Primary School



Please click here for the latest video message from the Head Students (Senior School).



We are excited to share even more inspiring stories from our amazing community. Please remember to get in touch and let us know what you are doing to positively impact on others at this time. Your story may be the idea that someone else needs to take action! Please just email Emma Denton at edenton@britishschoolmanila.org

Michela Nazareno, 3JM

Michela Nazareno of 3JM is a shining example of how we can use our time in  quarantine to help others. Michela made her Passion Project all about helping her local community, sending food parcels to families in need, and supporting the frontliners in her village with toiletries and sandwiches. Really well done Michela. 

Kids C.A.N. do it!

By Andre Anggala, 8TWH

“My friend Nathan De Los Santos (also in 8TWH) and I started a fundraising project called ‘Kids C.A.N do it!’ last April 5 to give PPE suits for front line workers. As of May 8, 33 days from when we started, we have received pledges for 5,589 suits and a total amount of Php 3,371,400. We have already delivered 3,096 medical-grade suits to 25 hospitals across Laguna, Cavite, Las Piñas, Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, Rizal, Cebu and Bohol.”

We know how difficult it is for them to be in front of a COVID-19 patient without protective suits. They risk their lives and the lives of their families in order to do their job. We thought of this project as a way to help the front liners of the Philippines. They are our heroes and we will support them in our own capacity. We are happy to announce that we have reached our target but we will not stop helping in our own little way. Thank you very much.”

This is a huge achievement, and we are very proud of these Year 8 students. Well done, and please continue to keep up the fantastic work. You are an inspiration.

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