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This week we focus on Years 10 and 11 with an article written by Michael Guinness.

As the academic year comes to a close Key Stage 4 have taken the opportunity to put some time into focusing on preparing for the world of work and interviews.

In Year 10 all students have this week been tasked with applying for one of 13 fictional jobs in real companies and organisations. They have had to research their potential employer and submit a formal letter of application for the job. On Thursday next week, they will come to school dressed for success and will have a 10-15min job interview with a member of staff, followed by a reflection on the process. This is an opportunity for students to really understand the rigours, procedures and best practices in both applying and interviewing for roles. We aim to give the students a chance to reflect on their own skills, values and qualities as well as thinking about how they can demonstrate how they have used to have an impact on themselves, on others and on the school.

In a similar way, the process of selecting the leadership for the next TEDxBritishSchoolManila committee has also taken place in the last two weeks. Our current Year 11 students have applied for leadership roles on the committee and taken part in interviews for them. It was particularly interesting to see students who had worked for the TEDxBritishSchoolManila 2019 event in March reflecting on their learning and thinking in constructive and interesting ways on what can be done next to build on the successes for the 2020 event. Congratulations to Nicola Allen who will be the next president and to all 20 members of the team that will now begin the hard but rewarding work of bringing us our next event in March 2020. Further roles will become available for other Year 11 and 12 students at the start of the next academic year.

Finally, this week 26 students in Year 11 are carrying out our work experience programme. Students are working for companies including PWC Isla Pilipinas, Asian Development Bank, Sykes Philippines and Connell World to whom we are truly grateful for their support and time in providing such a valuable learning opportunity. The key focus of work experience is to provide students an understanding of what it means to be in the workplace, working with different kinds of individuals in a dynamic and busy environment. Students will not only learn a great deal about themselves but will also gain a great respect for employees across a wider range of the economic spectrum, a truly valuable and enriching experience.

We are really proud of the opportunities that BSM provides for students to challenge and develop themselves as individuals. These three experiences are just a small part of the journey that our students take on their steps towards life beyond the walls of the school and into the world beyond.

As we move into the final week of the academic year, we look forward to seeing you all at Speech Day on Saturday.

Next week is Week B.

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