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Shared Values

The highlight of my week must certainly be the filmed interview conducted with me by a group of Year 5 students for their assembly. It was a fun engagement. Their questions were focused on what my values are. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, albeit in a slightly contrived scenario, it is something that I regularly think about: what are the values I hold dear? What are the values BSM wishes to embed and which underpin our ethos and philosophy?

Our modern world is one of immense challenge and flux. The future for our children is at threat from potential environmental catastrophe, social upheaval, food security and economic uncertainty. At the same time, there are almost limitless opportunities for our future world citizens to develop and grow, and to maximise their potential. We have a group of young people who have at their fingertips the resources and wherewithal to significantly impact our world, socially, economically, environmentally, and so on. Part and parcel of preparing them for their future is developing shared values.

Our shared values at BSM establish a framework for thought, engagement and developing in our students, the character to address the challenges of our contemporary and future world. The BSM Vision and Mission amongst other points, states:

We aim for our students to flourish through:

  • being respectful, honest and kind, have integrity and take responsibility for their own actions,
  • making their world sustainable, peaceful and fair.

Inherent in our thinking is a desire to see students who are independent, confident and creative, forward thinking and sentient thinkers, aware of the potential for our world, their place in it and the challenges that lie ahead. What I see at BSM are children who, for the most part, embody these traits and a teaching corps and support teams with a shared vision for our students and our school.

As I write this I am attending an EARCOS conference, a full day of which is dedicated to school evaluation through WASC. As part of our future we need to evaluate where we are and a review and reflection of how we plan to develop and grow will guide our next steps. Wherever that may lead will be underpinned by our values.

Enjoy a family-filled long weekend.

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