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Year 2: Christmas Gifts for GK children

At the end of last term, our Year 2 students were busy packing Christmas Gifts for their friends at the GK Village we are linked with.

They started with a visit from Santa at their Christmas Party, where instead of receiving a gift, they all gave a gift to Santa for a child at GK. They then packed a bag for each child with some basic stationery and hygiene items, and these were all delivered to the village over the Christmas holiday.

We are delighted our Year 9 students will be visiting the village next week, to continue to firm up the relationship between them and BSM.

Bring in Your Ring Pulls
We are proud to announce the results of the long-running ‘ring pull’ House Competition. At the end of Term 1, we weighed all the ring pulls collected so far, and here are the results:

  • Luzon – 10.8kgs
  • Visayas – 2.1kgs
  • Mindanao – 0.9kg

Congratulations Luzon!
So, it’s time for Visayas and Mindanao to see if they can win next time, or if Luzon can keep their crown. Please, bring in the ring pulls from your canned drinks, and put them in the relevant plastic tubes by the stairs on Level 1 of the Main Building. We will keep you updated on progress.

The ring pulls have now been sent to Upskills+ Foundation (linked to PCF in Tondo), which provides education, skills and livelihood training to help young people and their families living in squatter areas to continue in education and transition into employment. The ring pulls are used to make beautiful bags and jewellery (among other things), providing a regular income for families in Tondo.

Second Hand Uniform Shop
Many of us have shopped there, but not all of us may realise that ALL of the proceeds from the Second Hand Uniform Shop, run by volunteer parents every Thursday morning, is donated to support the BSM Service Learning Programme. Last school year (2017/18), the second hand shop raised Php 43,897 for our Service Learning Partners, and this year alone, they have raised Php 12,546. This is a fantastic contribution, and we would like to thank everyone involved, especially the volunteers.

You can help in a number of ways – by donating the uniforms that your children no longer need; by buying second hand uniforms every Thursday morning before school; or by volunteering to help out. If you are keen to volunteer, please contact Jane Webster on:

Senior Service Learning Week: 14-16 January, 2019
As senior parents will know, all of our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students are out of school next week on their Service Learning Week trips. We hope that the children enjoy their experiences of spending time thinking of others, working out of their comfort zone and helping to make life a little better for others.

The projects include:

  • Year 7 creating an equipped science learning space among other tasks at a school in Caliraya;
  • Year 8 improving a number of outdoor educational spaces at a school in Canlubang;
  • Year 9 painting houses and improving gardening facilities at a GK Village for PWD;
  • Year 10 spending time with the residents of Chosen Children’s Village; and creating a sensory room, improving library facilities and creating a garden inspired mural at Stepping Stones.

We look forward to sharing more about their experiences in the weeks to come.

International Evening – Friday 15 February, 2019
With International Evening fast approaching, we are now onto planning in earnest. Please join us next Tuesday morning in the Senior School Cafeteria to find out more about the event, and to see how you can help. It is a great opportunity to get to know others in our community a little better, and to share the culinary and musical delights of our different cultures and countries.

Invitation: Tuesday 15 January, 8am – Senior School Cafeteria
Please join the Google Classroom to find out more, using the following code: 80u33k2. And look out for the email and sign-up forms in your family email addresses. Time for all hands on deck!

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