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Friday 6 March – Year 1 Jumble Sale

On the last Friday before BSM closed to students, Year 1 students ran a hugely successful jumble sale. Year 1 parents donated clothes, toys, books and other items to sell, while the students arranged the items, priced them up, and were involved in sorting money, selling products and engaging with customers. Not only was this a wonderful learning experience for all of the children involved, between them they managed to raise a massive Php 50,000! This money will immediately be put to good use, with Php 30,000 going straight to the Year 1 Service Learning Partner, Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home to help buy food and essential items, and the rest going towards other children’s charities that are in huge need during the current crisis. 

Friday 27 March – Non-Uniform Day

We hope you enjoyed the special Non-Uniform Day to mark the end of Term 2. For our Senior Students, who are wearing school uniform every day for home learning, we hope it made a nice change to wear your own clothes. And for Primary Students, we hope you also made the most of the opportunity to think about how you can help someone else. It would be great to hear more about how you were kind to someone else!

Saturday 18 April – Fire in Tondo

A huge fire broke out in Happy Land in Tondo on Saturday 18 April. Thousands of people were affected, and many are still staying in basketball courts, so unable to practice social distancing, and have lost everything.

The area affected is home to a number of our BSM Service Learning Partners, including Young Focus.

We have been in touch with Sarah McLeod of the British Women’s Association, who has kindly volunteered to accept donations at her home in Urdaneta Village. She is working with our friends at the National Civil Defence Network (volunteer firemen) to ensure everything gets to those in need as quickly as possible.

If you are able to get items to Urdaneta Village (personally, or through Grab / Lalamove), please send:

  • Clothes (clean, practical and wearable please)
  • Water and food (rice, canned goods, vegetables, etc)
  • Hygiene products (small sachet sizes are ideal)
  • Scraps of material to make masks


Share your Stories

We are extremely proud of everyone from the BSM community who have stepped up to help others during this crisis, particularly our students. Staff and parents have also been doing their bit. Please get in touch and let us know how your family is helping. Here are just a few of the amazing stories, and ideas of how you can help. We will be creating a place on the website to showcase all the fantastic contributions – so please keep the positive stories coming! Please send all details to Emma at

Kythe Foundation ASA

Nick Ng and Ethan Cua of the BSM Kythe Foundation ASA have made great use of their time in lockdown, to support frontliners in our hospitals. Ethan has been making face-masks, and Nick has been baking cakes. So far, Ethan has managed to distribute 1,000 washable face masks to Quirino Memorial Medical Centre (QMMC), alongside 200 loaves of bread and soap. Nick has sent numerous batches of banana bread to QMMC and Cardinal Santos Hospital. This is a great effort, and we hope that your good work continues.

Habitat for Humanity ASA

Charles Conroy Tan of the BSM Habitat for Humanity has been working with his team to investigate the best way to support fellow Filipinos at this time. They managed to solicit a donation of 1,000 washable face masks, and delivered them to the Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation Inc. They have also agreed to use some of the funds raised this school year to support the efforts of Ms Chaplin and Raynald Reyes, to create 100 face masks for frontliners at the Philippine General Hospital. Conroy donated 150kg of rice and 500 washable face masks to the Happy Land appeal c/o Sarah McLeod, and the team now plan to use additional funds in the H4H ASA fund to purchase PPEs to donate to Medical City Hospital. 

Lastly, the students of BSM Habitat for Humanity, launched a photo competition (open to all students) to promote a sense of gratitude and appreciation at this difficult time. The rules are simple: Just take a picture of who / what you are grateful for in your home and send it to and/or We are hugely impressed by your inputs. Keep it up H4H ASA!

Facemasks Appeal – Tara Bahukhandi, Year 6

Tara has been working hard on her Passion Project since being at home – she has started an appeal for donations to buy N95 masks for frontliners, and cleansing alcohol for hospitals. She has called her project: “N95 masks: Let’s DOH it for our doctors!”, and has already managed to solicit support to donate over 2,000 masks to the Philippine Heart Center, Philippine General Hospital and East Avenue Medical Centre among others. If you would like to know more, please contact Tara on, or Carol, on We are very proud of you Tara – keep up the good work!

SOS Children’s Village – Daniel Flores-Ingram, Year 5

Daniel has been helping look after the frontliners in his village by making hot cross buns and distributing home-made sopas. He has also been supporting the 92 children residing at SOS Children’s Village, located inside Ayala Alabang. He helped to collect food and money to buy groceries for the children from friends and neighbours in the village and was involved in the distribution – engaging with the residents (at a distance!). Well done for thinking of others Daniel. Hopefully your efforts can inspire the rest of us to do a little more too.


Bedroom Tidy Challenge – Talia Hutt, Year 4

By Talia Hutt

“During the weekend, I did a big clean out in my room and I found a lot of old toys, books and clothes I didn’t need anymore. Most of the things I found are from years ago! So, I decided to make the most of it. It got me thinking about all the kids living in the poor areas of the Philippines. They don’t have access to much entertainment like the rest of the country. Usually, my family and I wait for the jumble sale at school, but since Covid-19 forces us to isolate ourselves, we aren’t in school. So that got me thinking…”

Talia has been using the time at home to organise her bedroom and sort out her things. She donated everything she no longer needs to Caritas Philippines, through her local church in San Antonio Village. It gave her a good idea…. which we will be sharing with Primary and Senior students in the coming weeks! So, start tidying, and watch this space… Thank you Talia for showing the initiative, and sharing your things.


Printing Face Shields – Emma Chaplin and Raynald Reyes

By Emma Chaplin

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping busy. So, we have been printing face shields with a 3D printer to help frontliners deal with COVID-19. So far we have sent over 115 3D printed masks to the Philippine General Hospital to our friend Dr Jonas Del Rosario, the spokesperson for COVID-19 at the hospital. We are reaching out for donations. Php 2,800 provides approximately 40 masks. If you would like to donate, please email me. Stay safe everyone and thank you so very much in advance. See you soon.”

Face Shield Production – Lovely Cada

The amazing Lovely Cada, otherwise known as a Year 6 PLA, has also been busy making face shields for our frontliners. She has produced well in excess of 500 shields so far, and has been supplying hospitals in Mindanao as well as here in Manila. Please see this video to see more about her work: Lovely Cada Face Shields, and if you would like to find out more, please contact her on

Project Katapid – Leonardo di Cosmo, Year 11

By Leonardo di Cosmo 

“Our foundation aims to provide financial and emotional support for pediatric cancer patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and aims to help the patients of PGH realise that they are not alone in this part of their life. We believe that a strong relationship with each patient and their family is key in what we are trying to achieve. However, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to visit PGH and spend time with the children in the pediatric cancer ward. For these reasons, we devised a plan to produce and send face guards and prepared meals for a number of hospitals throughout Manila. Over the past two weeks, we sent off over 1,280 face guards to the frontliners throughout Manila’s hospitals and we are currently providing 60 meals per week for the patients of PGH’s cancer ward.

Although we only visited the children in PGH’s pediatric cancer ward a couple of times, the impact we saw during our visits was significant and the smiles and laughs we shared with them were priceless. Since then, we have made sure to do as much as possible to brighten the lives of those patients, as well as those taking care of them, thus allowing us to grow as global citizens and as service learners.”

Get Well Cards for Patients in Hospitals

By VPA and Service Learning Heads

“Hi everyone! We hope everyone is doing alright and finding ways to keep safe and busy. Times like these are extremely difficult, especially for those confined to hospital beds. For this reason, we would like to encourage everyone to write ‘Get Well Soon’ cards which will be given to patients with their breakfast. If you would like to submit one, please scan it and send it to” 

Support to Taguig Scholars

As you may know, BSM provides support to a number of outstanding students in schools, colleges and universities outside BSM. These are known as the Taguig Scholars, and we are currently supporting 15 individuals, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to continue with their studies. During ECQ, many of these scholars are facing additional constraints, because families are unable to work. Despite the usual BSM support, they are in need of an additional boost to get through. The Service Learning Fund has been able to provide an extra Php 5,000 per student per month, for April and May – and will reconsider again in June. We are extremely proud to be able to support part of the wider BSM family and to help them get through.


Young Focus – No work, No pay, No rice

BSM has worked with Young Focus for a number of years. They have a strong relationship with our Senior School, and we have recently been developing links with Year 6 as well. Young Focus have launched an urgent appeal to help their families living in Tondo to survive during ECQ. As most people cannot work at this time, they have no money, and therefore no food. A number of these families were also affected by the fire at Happy Land, and so have additional needs. If you would like to support this appeal, please go to: Here is a great video of some distributions that have already taken place.

PCF – Social Distancing is a Luxury

PCF and Upskills+ Foundation have also been working hard in recent weeks to support their families in Tondo, affected by both the ECQ and the fire in Happy Land. They have made a moving video: Social Distancing to illustrate the problem faced by many of those living in wider Manila, and are seeking support from anyone who can help. Please visit them on Facebook, or via their websites to find out how you can help.

Human Nature – Goodness Rising

The Wilk family, with students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have launched an appeal to support families in need in Quezon City and Laguna. Food packs (5kg rice, 5 cans sardine, 5 packs instant noodles) are Php 400, and donations can be made through their website: If you would like more details, please contact Mr and Mrs Wilk on, who say: “We are raising 10,000 food packs at Php 400/pack for distribution in areas like Payatas where relief goods are few and far between. This is to help government distribution who are also overwhelmed with the number of daily wage earners going hungry. We’ve made donation buttons on our website to make it easy to help. 🙂


Emma Denton

BSM Service Learning Coordinator

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