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The Power of Vulnerability

Oh my word… what a week…! I’m so grateful we were all kept safe from a dangerous situation and were fortunate enough to go unscathed. Our thoughts go out to those who were not so lucky.

What comes to mind when you think vulnerable? For me, up until recently this would conjure up images of weak, defenseless, unprotected individuals. It’s often a word I would use to describe a child at risk. However, over the last few weeks I have discovered that this word is so much more and furthermore, not a negative word but instead a crucial part of self acceptance. Without it, we render ourselves merely existing with no meaning, no connection.

Making ourselves vulnerable allows us to show ourselves, warts and all. What a thought, being ourselves knowing that it could result in rejection, fear or shame! Deep, I know. What I have come to accept is that I cannot please everyone, as much as I would love to, I cannot be everyone’s saviour and I simply don’t have time to reinvent myself to fit in every couple of years. However, what I can do is be me, the authentic me. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s okay. I am learning to show my vulnerabilities because when I do, it makes me human. What’s so interesting is that to be vulnerable takes courage. Brene Brown explains the origin of courage coming from the word ‘cor’ meaning heart.

Courage means showing your whole heart! How beautiful. So, to show courage you have to first be vulnerable, allowing your imperfections to be seen and accepted by yourself and others. A real gamble as we all have hang-ups about our imperfections, right?

I think back to my school days and the huge effort I would go to in order to fit in or be that proper girl, I wanted to be liked, not to mention all the material things I would pretend I had (one being a broken video we owned that I would pull out the cupboard and pop under the TV every time the cool kids came round, absurd, I know!). I so wish I had teachers back then that taught me about self acceptance.

Forward wind and here I am, at BSM working with these amazing children who are 30 years my age, having some of the same issues (replace video for phone!) as I had. Our Well-being Framework was designed just for them in mind, to pave the way for an ever-changing world. We deliberately create opportunities to:

  • Celebrate culture and identity
  • Develop positive values and beliefs
  • Be confident in expressing opinions
  • Be kind to ourselves
  • Develop lives that have meaning, purpose and a sense of direction

Be a part of this Well-being journey and role model to your children how to accept oneself. It’s challenging but worth it and what better way to show our children we understand than to show our vulnerabilities at times, allow them to see we have emotions and mess up from time to time. This will in turn encourage them to accept themselves, warts and all!

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy each other and start the countdown to Christmas! One week to go folks… ho ho ho

Next Week is Week B.

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