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Why Should you Learn an Instrument?

This week our full after school activity (ASA) programme began, along with our peripatetic music programme. There are numerous benefits associated with ASAs, which we will explore over the next few weeks, focusing this week on some of the reasons you might want your child to learn a musical instrument.

Learning an instrument has cognitive benefits, including development of abstract reasoning skills. Research shows a positive relationship between students who learn an instrument and academic achievement.

There are physical benefits associated with learning an instrument, including improved physical coordination and for some instruments, development of lung capacity. Research also shows that playing an instrument lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, which then lowers the stress hormone cortisol, increasing relaxation and reducing stress.
Learning and playing a musical instrument can help children develop their self-confidence.

Learning an instrument has a number of social benefits, including development of cooperation, time-management, organisation, concentration and listening skills, important skills that help students develop their ability to collaborate and work in a range of different teams. Additionally, students who learn an instrument and then play in a band / ensemble develop these skills further, widening their social circle and learning to work with different groups of people.

Learning an instrument requires dedication and practice, helping children develop skills such as perseverance, patience and discipline – these skills can then be transferred to other elements of their learning. Through learning an instrument, students develop their sense of creativity, which can help them to problem solve and ‘think outside of the box’ with other aspects of their learning.
Music makes people happy and research shows that if learners have low levels of stress and are happy, they will learn more effectively.

If after reading this you would like your child to join the BSM peripatetic programme, then please contact our music administrative assistant Andrea Alvarado at Our music team would also be very happy to discuss the benefits of learning an instrument with you further.

Next week is Week A.

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