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The Benefits of a Sports, exercise and physical activity

This week, as we continue our series looking at the benefits of different aspects of the formal curriculum and after school activities programme at BSM, we turn our attention to the importance of sport, exercise and physical activity. The following benefits of sport and physical activity are adapted from a speech I gave at our annual Sports Celebration

Evening a couple of years ago:

  • Involvement in sport is important for development of overall health and fitness. If you are fit and healthy, you reduce the likelihood of developing a range of different diseases and health issues.
  • Students involved in sport learn to be humble in victory, yet graceful in defeat.
  • Sport helps students to develop their self-confidence.
  • In team sports students learn to work collaboratively with others, where in a team the whole is so much better than the sum of the individual parts.
  • Coaches help students reflect on performance, using this knowledge to improve and develop further. This ability to reflect is an important skill for other aspects of life and learning.
  • Exercise helps our bodies use energy more efficiently.
  • Exercise helps improve focus and alertness. Research suggests that when exercising focus is at its highest.
  • Exercise forces us to take time out from other aspects of our life, helping to put worries and concerns into a better sense of perspective. Problems that seem large insurmountable issues can often seem far less significant after a good work out. Chemicals generated when you exercise give you a greater sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Exercise helps put you in a position to make better decisions. By taking time away from a problem or issue and engaging in exercise, you will often develop a greater clarity of thinking over an issue.
  • Academic outcomes and improved cognitive function are linked to sport and exercise, including benefits to both the long and short term memory, as well as cognitive flexibility and thinking speed.
  • Also, as you get older you start to look older, but exercise slows that process down and can help you to also live longer.

Finding a sport that students enjoy and regularly engage in at school is an important step in developing a life-long habit of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. We ask you to ensure your child regularly participates in exercise, either as part of the BSM after-school activities programme or through programmes in the wider community.

Next week is Week B.

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