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Attendance and Punctuality

This week we would like to remind you about the importance of punctuality and attendance and to ask for your support in ensuring that your child maintains a good attendance record. The importance of good attendance is grounded in solid research, showing that high levels of attendance can raise achievement and have a significant impact on student happiness and welfare.

Impact of poor attendance and punctuality:

  • If your child has a 90% attendance record they are missing the equivalent of 1⁄2 a day of schooling every week. Over the course of a 38-week school year this equates to four weeks’ absence. Over the course of 5 years this is the equivalent of missing 1⁄2 a year of schooling. This results in knowledge gaps, impacting on academic performance.
  • Research suggests that for every 17 days’ absence from school a year, a student can drop one GCSE grade. A drop in academic achievement can also have a longer-term impact on employment and earning power later on in life. This general pattern is reflected in academic outcomes for BSM students who have low levels of attendance.
  • Being 15 minutes late each day equates to 8 days’ absence over the course of a year. Being punctual is just as important as good attendance.
  • Research also suggests that students with poor attendance levels find forming and maintaining long-term friendships difficult. When students struggle socially they do not feel happy at school, which impacts on their ability to learn. Happy students learn more effectively.
  • At BSM, students whose attendance drops below 90% will not be eligible for awards at Speech Day.

How can I help my child improve their attendance levels?

  • Try to make dental or routine medical appointments outside of the school day.
  • Talk regularly with your child about school and how they feel about it. Children are more likely to attend if they feel supported and anxieties listened to.
  • Only grant days at home for genuine illness.
  • Talk to your child’s tutor or student coordinator if there are any issues or problems. We may be able to help and support you and your child.
  • Send in a note to explain any absences as soon as your child returns to school.
  • Be particularly watchful and supportive in the run up to tests and be aware of coursework deadlines. Please don’t support days off to ‘catch up with work’ as this only causes your child to get behind with class learning. Copying up notes or trying to complete activities missed outside of lessons is a poor substitute for being part of the lesson itself.
  • Help your child stick to their home learning timetable and / or meet deadlines. Good organisation with work will help minimise ‘bottle necks’ and ‘pressure points’.
  • Remind your child to register at the student services centre in El Nido Building if they are late to school for any reason.
  • Carefully plan the trips / activities that may take your child out of lessons during the school year. Whilst we value sporting activities and trips such as MUN, your child needs to balance the number of lessons they will miss each year, especially students studying for IGCSE and IB examinations. Where students are struggling with their academic studies this is particularly important.
  • Praise and reward good attendance.

We ask for your support in ensuring your child maintains high levels of attendance throughout the academic year.

Next week is Week A.

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