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Newly Appointed Head Students

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new Head Students to represent the student body at BSM. These two students performed superbly through a rigorous process, which included a formal letter of application, a presentation to staff and students, finally ending with an interview. Both staff and students have had the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process. The decision was extremely tough and generated much debate and discussion. However, after much consideration the decision has been made to appoint Sophia Almendral and Gio Ty as our next Head Students. Many congratulations go to Sophia and Gio who will take up their positions at the start of 2019.

Having been a student at BSM for 12 years now, Sophia is aware of the honor and responsibility that comes with being head girl. Humbled by this privilege to represent the student body, she strives to create a better learning environment for students by listening to the needs of her peers. Of course, Sophia is extremely familiar with the stresses of everyday student life. Therefore, it is her priority to reduce this through proposing sustainable, feasible ideas that tackle stress directly, produced by collaborating with the student body and the SSLT. Sophia has been involved in various activities in school which have taught her values such as tenacity, determination and innovation, which she believes are vital characteristics needed for such a position. She participates in football, which has taught her the importance of listening to each team member, and working-hard collaboratively. She has been involved with sport outside of school, namely triathlon, which has instilled the value of determination and taught her to face adversity with optimism and tenacity. Alongside her sporting endeavors Sophia enjoys challenging herself through participating in MUN conferences, which have allowed her to practice public speaking. Ultimately, Sophia wants to foster an environment wherein students are able to perform their best and feel most comfortable in, and she believes this can be achieved through creating a more stress-free learning environment for her fellow students.

Gio has been a BSM student for 7 years, and looks forward to the challenge of being a Head Student. He considers this position an honour, and believes that his long time in the school will help him to understand the community and effectively represent the student body. Gio wants to implement initiatives that help strengthen school spirit, as well as developing the role of the arts within the community. He is excited to contribute to this prestigious role, and hopes that he can effectively collaborate with the rest of the SSLT to form an efficient team. Prior to this, Gio has been involved in the school basketball team, representing BSM in different international tournaments. He is currently one of the heads of the Red Cross Youth Council, and has organised the blood drives held in school over the past two years. As well as this, he is also the current Vice President of Finance for the upcoming 2019 TEDxBritishSchoolManila and has been a prefect since Year 10; he believes these experiences have helped him become an effective leader. As a Head Student, he hopes to be approachable and open to the students, and will strive to be a role model for the younger years.

Interviews were conducted for a number of other student leadership positions. Over 40 students have been interviewed and performed superbly. A strong passion for BSM and willingness to serve the community has been a consistent theme for all applicants. We are delighted to announce the complete Student Leadership team for 2019 and we are incredibly excited as we look to the year ahead.

If you see any of our Student Leadership Team around the campus or at community events, please congratulate them and offer your support as they take on their new roles.

Deputy Head Students – These students will support the Head Students in their role, they will also help develop pastoral support in the Senior School and will lead Senior School assemblies.

Heads of the Student Council – These two students will lead the Student Council and look into issues raised through the trust box, as well as supporting the Head Students and Deputy Head students in their roles.

Heads of Academic – These students will develop the peer tutoring programme and will look at ways to support students with their academic endeavours, as well as developing how we celebrate academic success.

Heads of Student Well-being – This student will lead the peer mentor team and will work closely with the pastoral team to provide support and promote wellbeing for students across the school.

Global Citizen Heads – These positions encompass internationalism, environmental awareness, service learning, global and technology issues. This is a broad role, aimed at positive action, along with raising awareness about 21st Century challenges.

Heads of Visual and Performing Arts – These students will work closely with the Visual and Performing Arts team (Art, Drama and Music), supporting the development of this curriculum area and the wide range of events they run each year.

Heads of Communication – These students lead the Winston magazine team, working to increase readership, along with the range of articles published.

MUN General Secretaries – These students support the MUN club in Senior school and Middle school, organising logistics and public relations for events. They also plan the training for conferences and contribute to the promotion of Global Citizen attributes. They form and lead a team of committee chairs.

TEDx Chairperson – This student leads a larger group of students who plan and run an annual TEDx event at BSM.

Sports Leadership Team – These students will work closely with the PE department, supporting sporting events and helping to develop our sports programme further.

Heads of House – These students will promote and lead house events, across the academic and extra-curricular fields.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Year 13 leadership team for their service to the school. They have led their teams extremely well, introducing a number of new and different initiatives, supporting the wide range of events run at BSM throughout the academic year. Their energy, enthusiasm and hard work are testament to their huge commitment to BSM and they have greatly enriched the community through their time here. We wish all our Year 13 students every success with their IB examinations and look forward to celebrating their academic accomplishments and contributions to the school later in the year.

Next week is Week B. 

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