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Recruitment and Responsibilities

As we approach the end of the school year we begin to say goodbye to members of our teaching staff who will be taking up new positions in schools around the world.

Those leaving BSM in July are Ms Downes, Mr Brown, Mr and Mrs Kennedy-Wingate, Ms Marshall, Mr Craig, Ms Parker, Ms Etchells, Mr Johnson and Mr Yap. We are extremely sad to see them leaving BSM, but wish them every success in their new endeavors and thank them all for the various contributions they have made during their time with us. Over the course of the next few weeks we will ensure that we take the time to thank everyone and celebrate the many ways they have all supported the growth and development of the Senior School at BSM.

We have a rigorous recruitment process, with many candidates applying specifically because of the BSM reputation within the international community. For all positions, we have had a small but strong field of applicants and have been able to select the very best teachers to join us in August. At the start of the next academic year the leadership team will provide you with a detailed introduction to the new staff.

In addition to this we have a number of changes of role for the next academic year, including some roles taken on by new members of staff:

  • Mr McGee takes on the role of Student Coordinator for Year 7.
  • Ms Williams joins BSM to as Student Coordinator for Years 8 and 9.
  • Mr Macrow joins BSM as our new Careers and Higher Education Counsellor.
  • Ms Ransom takes on the role of Deputy Curriculum Leader for Science.
  • Mr Wharne take on the role of Assistant Curriculum Leader for Science, with specific responsibility for Physics.
  • Mr Fourmond takes on the role of Curriculum Leader for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).
  • Ms Hsaio-Tzu Lin takes on the role of Assistant Curriculum Leader for MFL, with specific responsibility for Mandarin.
  • Ms Rendon takes on the role of Assistant Curriculum Leader for MFL, with specific responsibility for Spanish.

For 2019-2020 we will be moving from three Deputies Heads within the Senior School with a range of staff taking on additional responsibilities as follows:

  • Mr Keens – will be overseeing and leading our whole school well-being work.
  • Mr Moore – takes on Key Stage Three Curriculum Coordinator, in addition to his role as Head of Science.
  • Mr Guinness – in addition to his role as Year 10 and 11 Student Coordinator, Mr Guinness will oversee Senior School Trips and Activities, as well as working with Mrs Denton to further embed Service Learning in the Senior School curriculum.
  • Ms Gleaves – will oversee attendance, cover and duties within the Senior School, along with her role as Year 12 Student Coordinator.
  • Mr Attwood – will have responsibility for Child Protection in Key Stage Three, rewards and sanctions in the Senior School, sitting these new responsibilities alongside being Year 13 Student Coordinator and Head of Careers and Higher Education.

Although there are a few changes, we have had plenty of time to ensure a seamless transfer of roles. Staff taking on these new roles bring much experience with them and show a clear vision for development of the Senior School within their areas of responsibility.

As has been previously shared with the community, Mr Mann will also be leaving BSM and I will be moving on to the British International School Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Over the last six years we have seen many changes across the school and a significant number of student achievements, both academic and through the co-curricular programmes. I am proud of the things we have achieved as a team and will very much miss the wonderful BSM community. Whilst new challenges await, a part of me will always remain with the British School Manila.

We wish you an enjoyable weekend and hope you will be able to join us at the various events we are running over the next few weeks.

Next week is Week X.

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