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The Well-Being Focus at BSM

As you are aware, we take well-being at BSM very seriously and over the course of this academic year we have introduced a well-being framework throughout the school, covering the following areas:

  • Self-acceptance
  • An active and balanced lifestyle
  • An ability to self-regulate
  • A sense of belonging
  • A capacity for growth and resilience

Research shows us that if students are happy, healthy and have a balanced life-style, they will learn more effectively. Research also shows that if students learn to deal with challenges and difficulties, as part of the learning process within school, they are less likely to suffer from mental health issues later in life.

To support this, well-being is being increasingly incorporated within the curriculum and the pastoral care we provide as a school. Through the curriculum we aim to both raise awareness of issues, as well as helping provide students with strategies to manage their own well-being.

This week, two key activities have taken place with a well-being focus. On Wednesday for an hour the entire Senior School watched the movie Angst, which focuses on issues related to anxiety. By raising awareness of issues such as anxiety we hope that students will feel more confident talking about mental health issues and seeking help when needed. A number of parents also attended the screening, helping to strengthen home-school partnerships and our support for your children.

On Thursday, Year 8 participated in a well-being morning, aimed at empowering students with tools to manage transitions that take place during the teenage years. Again, parents were invited to be part of this morning, beginning with separate sessions for students and parents, ending in a collective workshop with both parents and students. The session covered the following areas:

  • The structure and function of the brain
  • Types of behaviour of qualities that tend to develop in adolescents
  • Exploring how managing emotions can be helpful in maintaining both physical and mental health
  • Coping strategies for both parents and students including communication

Well-being is a key element of our vision and mission and we will continue to build on this framework, helping support students with their well-being both now and into the future. We look forward to further strengthening home school partnerships and support for your children through this work.

Next Week is Week B.

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