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Preparing for IGCSE and IB Examinations

Over the course of the last two weeks our Year 11 and Year 13 students have been completing their Mock Examinations. These are an important part of their preparation for their final IGCSE and IB examinations which take place in May and June. Although Mock Examinations are condensed into a shorter time period, they allow students to experience the pressure of sitting a number of exams in a single day, which may well happen when they complete their final papers later in the year. Now that the syllabus content is complete or nearly complete, it also gives them the chance to experience completion of full exam papers under the time constraints that they will have in their final exams.

Over the next couple of weeks’ teachers will give students clear feedback about their exam performance. Whilst there may be some common areas that need to be addressed as a whole class, revision at this stage becomes increasingly personal as students identify where they may have knowledge gaps or need to develop their understanding further. Teachers will work with students to help them develop a revision plan and will support them with revision of key material and completion of practice exam questions both within class and at home.

To support your child with their revision at home, please discuss their Mock Examination results and the areas they need to focus on for revision. Finding them a quiet space where they can concentrate on revision, free from distractions, such as social media will also be extremely important. Whilst they may need to access some online material via the google classroom, they should be completing large chunks of their revision without using their laptops / phones. It is also useful at this stage to handwrite any revision notes as this prepares them for the rigors of writing for long periods during an exam.

On Friday 7 December, my Lion’s Roar article focused on the most effective way to revise and specific revision techniques. Reviewing this with your son / daughter would also be a useful way to support them with their studies. We also encourage you to discuss the feedback your child will have received about their mock examinations from their teachers. These discussions should help shape their revision planning and schedule over the next few months.

On Thursday 7 February for Year 13 and Monday 11 February for Year 11 you will receive your child’s latest assessment data, which you will be able to discuss with teachers at the Year 11 and 13 SLC starting at 3pm on Thursday 21 February. This dialogue between students, teachers and parents is vital in ensuring we best support our Year 11 and Year 13 students as they enter this crucial point in their examination courses.

Next week is Week A.

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