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Recruitment for Next Academic Year

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the start of Term 2 for returning families and a warm BSM welcome to new families.

Over the last few days I have been in London conducting staff recruitment interviews for the 2019-2020 academic year, returning to Manila last night. Recruitment is a vital aspect of my job, ensuring that we appoint highly qualified, skilled and enthusiastic teachers who will provide your children with rich learning experiences, supporting them to flourish both academically and personally.

Our recruitment process begins in October when teachers let us know if they wish to renew their contracts or plan to leave BSM at the end of the academic year. We then advertise teaching jobs within the Times Educational Supplement, on the school website, as well as via FOBISIA and CIS. Ensuring we ‘cast the net widely’ to attract in the best candidates is vital.

The Board of Governors support the recruitment process by helping to ensure that our package is competitive with other International Schools. Whilst teachers don’t come into the profession for the money, we don’t want to lose out on the best candidates if our package is not strong. This process is supported by annual research comparing the BSM package with other international schools within the region.

We carefully sift all applications to ensure candidates will be a good fit for BSM. All long-listed candidates are asked to submit answers to four questions and we call three references for each candidate. Strong long-listed candidates are then interviewed via SKYPE by curriculum leaders. If this initial SKYPE interview is positive, then a follow up interview will take

place with myself and / or Simon and other members of the Senior School Leadership Team. If a strong candidate is already working within the region, we will invite them to BSM for the day for a tour, to meet key people, to teach a lesson and for a formal face-to-face interview. Candidates based in Europe are invited to meet us in London for interviews.

As part of our child protection and safeguarding processes, we verbally speak to at least one referee per candidate. Job offers are also conditional on successful receipt of police checks for the different countries a candidate has worked in.

We were delighted with the strength of the field of candidates we met in London over the last few days and have now made a number of job offers. Over the next few weeks’ positions will be finalised, contracts signed and the process of writing the Timetable for the next academic year will begin.

Over the next few months we spend a lot of time communicating with new staff members to ensure their move to Manila and the transition between teachers is smooth. I am sure you will help welcome our new teachers when they arrive in August and that your children will enjoy learning and make good progress under the guidance of our latest recruits.

Next week is Week A.

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