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How the Counselling Department works

We hope that your children have had a smooth start to the school year and are enjoying the range of learning activities that they have experienced so far. Following on from the Whole School Assembly last Friday, which focused on well-being, our Senior School Lion’s Roar article comes from the Counselling Department. We look forward to seeing you at the workshops and events taking place over the next few weeks – the dates for this are at the end of the Senior Section.

We are still waiting on the final IGCSE grades for our current Year 12 students. We will celebrate these results in next week’s Lion’s Roar.

Welcome to the Counselling Department
The counselling team works holistically and positively to help students manage themselves and find solutions to their challenges. This year our mission is to be more proactive in working with the community, collaborating with staff, parents and students. We aim to put prevention and the development of resilience at the core of our practice.

Our ethos
As School Counsellors we believe our role is not to label our students. We have a non-judgmental approach which means we accept all orientations and points of view. You can be confident that if your child comes to us they will be received with compassion and care. Our aim is to help them find positive solutions to their problems and we will work together to develop the skills needed to overcome difficulties.

Strengths, values and goals are important and we strive to encourage these to enable our students to flourish. Coming to counselling is not a sign of weakness but a mature, positive, proactive way of addressing challenge. All consultations are confidential, appointments will be made with discretion and there will be no record on a student’s record. There are limits to confidentiality however, if we are concerned that your child is in danger we will inform you and other professionals on a need- to -know basis. The student will always be told when this is necessary and involved in the process.

We use a variety of tools, each of our counsellors is unique and has different strengths. We are all committed to a holistic approach and believe that in order to thrive the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the student need to be met. We will collaborate with other professionals when necessary to make sure these needs are addressed.

Parent Collaboration
An important aspect of our work this year will be working with parents. We will be offering a series of presentations and workshops to support you. We would like to share current understandings in child development and effective parenting. Our aim is to work with you to ensure that your children are emotionally strong, stable and resilient.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to see us directly our email addresses are:

Look out for our regular articles and announcements in the Lion’s Roar and our column on the BSM website.

Next week is Week A.

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