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The Easter holiday is just about to start and it has been an incredibly busy five-week half term, with lots of events and activities taking place, demonstrating the diversity of learning experiences at BSM.

In the last five weeks, students have represented BSM in FOBISIA Tennis, FOBISIA Golf, at the U13 FOBISIA games and as part of the season three ISAC competition. We have hosted a spring gymnastics competition, our annual Easter Swim Meet and last weekend some of our BSM Cheerleaders travelled to an international event in Singapore. Additionally, a number of students have competed in a range of national and international level competitions relating to the various sports they participate in.

Moving our Service Learning week to January has allowed our students to continue connecting with their partners throughout this term. Students in Year 10 recently revisited Chosen Children Foundation to continue their work with this organisation and some of our IB students accompanied the FOBISIA Heads on a ‘One Million Lights’ visit during the recent conference we hosted. Today we held our Term 3 Mufti Day, raising money for our Service Learning partners.

Visual and performing arts have been very busy with the soft opening of the new Visual and Performing Arts building and IB final solo performances. Also, some of our Senior Students were involved in supporting the Primary FOBISIA music event, where over 250 students from 12 schools collaboratively worked together over three days to present a wonderful showcase concert, the first concert in our new facility.

Last weekend we hosted what has now become an annual student led TEDxBritishSchoolManila event, where a range of high quality and interesting external speakers were brought together, inspiring those who attended with their ideas and thinking. Students have also been able access conference experiences through our MUN programme, with international and local conferences taking place this term.

Our students have also been involved in a range of curriculum related events. Our Junior Mathematicians are now both the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) and FOBISIA Mathematics champions, which is a testament to the quality and calibre of work taking place with our most able mathematicians. A number of our students will now be able to attend the World Mathematics Championship, taking place in Australia later in the year.

A number of our students represented BSM at the South East Asian National History Day Competition in Singapore. As a result of their success in Singapore, some of the regional category winners from BSM will be travelling to Washington in June for the World finals – another fantastic achievement.

Our IB and IGCSE students have now completed and submitted their final assessments and over the course of the last couple of weeks their final language oral examinations have taken place. As part of this revision process our Year 11 Geography students recently completed two days of fieldwork. Much work is also taking place in lessons to prepare students for the examinations they will complete in May and June.

We have also managed to find time to run a range of wellbeing workshops with parents, wellbeing activities with students and also our annual cultural exchange with the Manila Japanese School. It’s exhausting to think about all that we have managed to cram into the last few weeks. There has been so much happening I am bound to have forgotten something – my apologies if that is the case.

For many of our students the upcoming holiday will be a welcome break from their academic studies and an opportunity to relax. We do encourage your children to get plenty of rest, to enjoy activities outside of school and to have fun over the next two weeks. Please encourage your children to undertake a mixture of activities during the break, ensuring that they don’t spend too many hours using their devices for gaming purposes, building in opportunities for exercise and socialising as well.

Our Year 11 and 13 students will not have the luxury of a relaxing break from their studies as they continue with their preparations for the IGCSE and IB examinations, which begin a couple of weeks after the holiday. We wish them all the very best as they continue with their studies and encourage them to carefully follow the revision advice given to them by their teachers. We also encourage them to get plenty of sleep, to eat well and to build some exercise into their revision programme.

We wish you all have a happy, safe and enjoyable holiday.

The week back after term break is Week B.

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