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Farewell and Happy Holidays

Dear Senior BSM Families,

We have made it! Another year completed, albeit in the strangest of times. We have seen Term 1 packed with learning, events, and a wonderful Christmas send-off to returning to the eruption of the volcano, air quality concerns and then Covid-19. A clear indication that we really have no idea what life will throw at us.

As we head into the summer with some trepidation I would urge you to pause and take a little time to remember those affected by these tragedies but also to think of the good. The silver linings that have surfaced and surrounded us with hope and joy. Whilst we live in times that are invariably out of our control, we can and should always choose optimism and look forward to the wonderful things life still has in store.

As I reflect on our eight years at BSM, it is with great sadness that we leave in this way but also with limitless joy when I remember all the good that has come from our time in the Philippines. I would like to use this forum to thank those in the community who have helped shape my life.

I arrived as Head of Science and I leave as Head of Senior, what a privilege to serve this community in this role. Leaving without goodbyes is tough and I’m sure this will resonate with those who are also moving on. However, nearly 3000 days have taught me a fair few things about life through some much treasured Filipino values:

  1. Kindness – this is a trait that runs through the veins of staff at BSM. I have seen this day after day, the lengths our support staff especially will go to help and support. If they all revolt at any point, boy will we be in trouble!
  2. Serving hearts – before I arrived I had no idea what true service learning was. I had of course fundraised for charity but what I found was something bigger, deeper. I will leave with a greater understanding of caring for others meaningfully and this is a tribute to our service learning programme that reaches far and wide across the Philippines.
  3. Optimism and resilience – I have often written about resilience but I can truly say I have never witnessed so much than here in the Philippines – that bounce back effect is alive and well wherever you look. The smiles, happiness and endless resourcefulness is beyond brilliant.

There is only one thing I won’t miss: Without a doubt, the traffic. Enough said there!

BSM is a school that leaves a mark on your life, one that allows you to grow professionally and build capacity personally, a school that allows creativity and opportunities to try new things. The British School Manila offers an education that is second to none, with teachers who are committed and able, kind and passionate about their subjects.

Families, be assured your children are in safe hands – we will dearly miss you all and wish you all the best whether you are staying in Manila or moving on. As you edge into the summer break, take with you joy and good health.

Signing off as a very fulfilled nearly ex Head of Senior at The British School Manila.

Please click this link for my latest video message. 

Please click this link for the incoming Head of Senior School Richard Healy’s video message. 

Rebekah Russell
Head of Senior School

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