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Seeing the Wonders in Our Children

Time has flown past since half term and we are already on our third week. I have been inspired by the efforts our students have made this week to ensure Guy Fawkes Night was a success. Across all year groups we saw performers, organisers, we witnessed the entrepreneurial skills of selling weird and wonderful delights at Bayanihan stalls and it was so lovely to welcome Chosen Children Village (CCV) back to BSM to spend time with us. The partnership between the PTA and the students is strong and positive, a real dream team! Of course our fab teachers play a huge part and thus a HUGE thank you them too. Bonfire Night was a blast!

I love that we encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. It’s heartbreaking to know that in many countries the Arts have been downgraded and eliminated in some cases from the curriculum (the shame!). I have been amazed over the last eight years to see students who have arrived shy, timid, overwhelmed then transform into confident, opinionated and independent individuals. Side note: there is nothing wrong with being shy and timid! Our students, your children have so many opportunities to develop their strengths and many times these strengths are hidden, passions that once shine through when they were six years old inhibited by time and age, suddenly start to shine through again. What a joy this must be for you as parents.

I am 43 years old and have a pretty good grasp on who I am as a person, specifically all the areas I could improve on. Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not all bad but isn’t it interesting how we default to the negative? When asked a good few years ago ‘what are your character strengths?’ I have to say I found it trickier than listing all my flaws. I was then introduced to the VIA Character Strengths survey and decided to give it a go. Well, to my surprise there at the top were strengths I hadn’t even recognised as strengths before. It was so enlightening to have a positive survey dissect my answers and churn out some good stuff about me. So, I suspect you have guessed my challenge to you this week… give it a go!

Your children have strengths coming out of their ears, try not to focus on the room for improvement so much (though it is hard at times). Instead focus on their wonderful traits, the kind gestures, their sense of humor, their love for nature and their resilience when you are losing the plot!

We all want our children to be better versions of themselves, excel, succeed, pass those tests, get into that University but remember life is more than those things. Life with your child/ren is about connecting, hugging, watching a film, being together, sharing memories and making new ones. Despite the fact they tend to drive us crazy most of time, take time to see the wonder in them and recognise those strengths that make them unique and all together wonderful!

I’m off to Macau for the FOBISIA Conference weekend, presenting (with Lewis Keens) how we are embedding the Well-being framework into lessons using the concept based learning approach. I shall also be sharing what a great school we are and what wonderful kids we have too!

Have a restful weekend with your families.

Next Week is Week B.

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