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Rice Terraces

13 February, Year 3 ‘officially’ opened their rice terrace, alongside Mr Van de Linde and members of the PTA, who very generously helped us with the funding of this whole school project. Our reasoning for developing such a project was to further develop areas of our garden and to explore and empathise with the difficulties rice farmers are facing today, given the challenges posed by a warming climate.

We look at how rice grows as part of our plants and sustainability theme and also at how we can develop technologies to manage food insecurities and adapt to climatic changes, such as flooding. Through the process of growing and sustaining rice crops, we hope to be able to reflect on our learning to better understand how we can grow food in our ever changing environment. 

We’ve planted two different flood resistant rice types that we acquired from IRRI (The International Rice Research Institute). Normally, Year 3 go here once a year as part of our residential programme, but unfortunately, we can’t go this year due to the recent volcanic activity in that area. With any luck, we hope we will be rewarded with some rice success that we can share with the community over the next few months! Thank you to the PTA and the leadership team for supporting this project, and a huge thanks also to the gardeners who we learn so much from on a daily basis. 

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