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Taal Poetry, Harrow7s and Ballet Assembly

Taal Poetry

Sunday January 12 saw an eruption of the Taal volcano just south of Manila. This had an impact on the lives of a large number of people in the area and our students in Year 4 have written some poetry to capture the drama of the event.

Here are some selected verses that grabbed my attention because of the really powerful descriptive language used:

Sahanaa and Aaishah

At Sunday evening,
Sheets of ashes were lying on the floor
they weren’t prepared before!

Andie and Lilly

An ebony blanket
Began to cloak our land-
Like heavy, laden sand.


The lives of many
Were ruined by blankets of ash-
Their homes were abandoned
in a flash

Year 2 trip

Today our Year 4 and 5 students returned from their residential trips and we will hear about their trips in detail next month. But we do have a report from the fabulous Year 2 trip to Bataan where there was much excitement.

Last week, the Year 2 children ventured out of the classroom on a trip to Pawikan Conservation Center. One of the strongest aspects the children develop whilst on the trip is empathy. Linking to the Well-Being Framework, the ‘A sense of belonging’ strand runs heavily throughout the trip and the children develop an awareness of how they can make a positive difference. From watching the tiny hatchlings crawl out of their nest to releasing them on the beach, the children help the turtles on their journey into the wild. Being part of this process allows the children to make a connection with a living thing, which starts their emotional attachment. By the end of the trip, the children are aware of the many threats that sea turtles face, both in the ocean and on the land. They develop the understanding that they have a responsibility to help protect the sea turtles and other ocean animals. 

Here are some great quotes from students who clearly loved their experience:

Mason – I loved the sea splash. We had so much fun! I didn’t want to let go of my turtle but I had to because they belong in the ocean. 

Sagar – I loved releasing the turtles because they are very cute. They were grabbing my fingers and trying to get to the water. I loved the trip. 

Gia – I enjoyed playing in the sand because I got to collaborate with my friends. Instead of making a sandcastle, we made a turtles nest!

Keene – At first, I was worried about staying away from my Mum, Dad and brother but I had so much fun and slept with my friends. My favourite part was releasing the turtles because they kept flapping their flippers to swim away! I released four hatchlings!

Harrow 7s

On a carpet like surface our Under 11 boys and girls strode out to the Champions League music on Friday 17 January to compete in the Harrow 7s football tournament. Two days of the beautiful game against the biggest British Schools in the region. I coached the girls team and we were understandably a little nervous before our first game, but we were prepared and mentally well up for whatever lay ahead. This group loves the game, are committed, passionate and truly supportive of each other. They are a joy to coach and give me far more pleasure watching their moves than watching West Ham (my English team). This team ethic bore strength and they were a delight to watch. Winning all but one, a match against Heathfield who we had been told were the best girls team in Bangkok. They surprised us on the first day but we had a plan for them the day after which would essentially be the decider. Having qualified for the Champions League on the second day we comfortably beat all opposition playing some wonderful football.  The Heathfield game was our penultimate and the one that mattered. We discussed a plan, briefed the team and they executed it to perfection. We were brave and tough and scored a fabulous goal to lead. We did concede in the last minute but a draw with our superior goal difference was enough and we were crowned champions. It’s not often I have a tear in my eye but this was one of those moments. 

Our boys also returned with a trophy winning the Premier League, implementing Mr Dunstan’s patterns of play well and scoring some great goals in the process. 

A very successful trip and our students were wonderful representatives of BSM. FOBISIA next! 

Ballet Assembly

Friday 24 January was a special morning in our Bayanihan. Our ballet students were ready and waited with excited anticipation, as did our audience. They had been training for the past 3 months on their technique and performance quality to be ready.  They were excited to perform for the first time in the beautiful Bayanihan auditorium and they did so with excellence. The dance variations of the 8 levels following the Royal Academy of Dance programme were choreographed according to the technique, musicality and performance that they have achieved by far. It was spectacular show with amazing costumes and great lighting. Our ballerinas certainly entertained the capacity audience performing with grace and panache. A great way to start a Friday morning.  

Well done to the future Dance Artists!!

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