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BSM will:

“Provide a wide range of holistic opportunities that allow students to find and develop their passions.”
– BSM Vision and Mission

After School Activities began this week and we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of these. We want children to have the opportunity to try a range of activities in the hope that one or more really fires their passion. Sir Ken Robinson calls it “finding your Element” in his book entitled The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. He goes on to say – “Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.”

The Element is about discovering yourself and something that fires your imagination, that you love to do and our role as a school is to “create the conditions under which a child will begin to flourish.” At BSM we do this in the fun, yet challenging way that our curriculum is delivered and also in the breadth of ASAs available to children and the inclusivity of our sports programmes.

We had 60% of eligible students represent the school at sports last year and 80% took part in the ASA programme. Research suggests huge benefits to students involved in programmes like this. These benefits are wide and varied, ranging from physical benefits due to the promotion of increased activity, to psychological and social advantages. Studies done regarding the impact of extracurricular activities on child development show that academic performance and study habits all improve. After school activities also provide an ideal environment in which to nurture social skills and confidence and are infinitely better than children sitting in front of a screen! With Sir Ken Robinson’s goal in mind we hope the interests that they develop during these clubs will prompt them to spend more time practising skills and pursuing their passions.

I hope you have enjoyed your ASAs this week.

Wellbeing Week
Having launched our Well Being Framework in the first week of school we are now hosting our annual Wellbeing week from next Monday. This is the week that all primary students will be telling us their story. They, with your support, have worked hard preparing their autobiographical approach materials and now it’s time to tell their story. Community building and developing a sense of worth for every member of our school as I have written about in previous newsletters. There will also be interactive displays to challenge and prompt student thinking with the following questions:

  • Gratitude Wall – What are you grateful for?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • Wall of Wisdom – post words of wisdom you wish you had known when you were younger.

There will be mindfulness sessions across the school and a “Galloping Zone” to run free in, where you are not normally allowed! Friday’s uniform students can come to school in whatever makes them feel happy (for a fee of Php 100 each) with all proceeds going to our Service Learning Programme.


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