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Service Learning at BSM

BSM will:
“Encourage engagement in Service Learning” – BSM Vision and Mission

Year 6 Assembly
First we must thank Year 6 for their assembly this morning, our first year group performance of the year. With humorous delivery they taught us about the circulatory, digestive and skeletal systems. This all came to final conclusions in three cheesy songs.

Year 2 Gawad Kalinga
This week the Year 2 children have visited a community in Quezon City, which is being developed with the help of Gawad Kalinga. Gawad Kalinga is a develop-ment foundation which aims to end poverty for 5 million people in the Philippines by 2024. GK has a vision to restore human dignity and come together as a community. Please follow this link for more information Gawad Kalinga. For Primary, this was our first Service Learning action of the year.

Service Learning is an integral part of what we do at British School Manila. Through involvement in Service, we aim to empower and motivate your children to use their individual talents and passions to make a positive, sustainable difference to the lives of others, and to be adults that continue doing this. We aim for your child to develop empathy, respect and a passion for service through real life experience, and we work with students, staff and outside agencies to provide the opportunities for this learning to take place. We work with a number of different agencies, or Service Partners, with an emphasis on respect, understanding, and two-way learning. By taking part in Service Learning we aim for our students:

  • To engage with the wider community, become aware of disparities, and begin to consider why these may occur.
  • To consider how their actions may impact on others.
  • To have a desire to make a difference.
  • To develop a range of skills; from empathy, to working collaboratively, listening to others, etc.
  • To develop their resilience through challenge and by operating out of their comfort zone.

Here is Year 2s account of their visit with some quotes from the children at the end.

When we arrived in the village, we were welcomed by Tita Boyet who is the main organiser of the community. The children’s first observations were the local volunteers working hard, the children developed an understanding for the importance of teamwork, and collaborating to achieve a common goal.

The Year 2 children spent most of the morning painting the walls of houses, railings and steps around the houses. At break, we paired up with the children who live in the village and had a snack together. Once we had refilled our energy levels, Raynald and Efren led some hip hop dancing for all the children to follow. The dancing is extremely popular with the children from both communities! Check out the BSMlearning Twitter page for a peek at the dancing!

Before we said goodbye, some of the families welcomed us into their homes. The Year 2 children listened to their life stories and their curiosity led them to ask questions to find out more.

“I loved the dancing. Especially dancing with other children and making new friends.” Sienna 2NM

“We loved working together to help paint the houses.” Chesco and Henry 2NM

“My favourite bit was the dancing because I got to learn some awesome new steps” Caleb 2KP

“I made a new friend. He wanted to dance with me.” Pau 2KP

“It was fun because I got to paint and sometimes you got paint on your hands.” Gwyneth 2KP

“I liked the painting because I liked getting messy!” James 2GT

“It was all about teamwork.” Joe 2GT

“I made six new friends!” Mishka 2GT

Service Learning Fun Run
Our Fun Run is coming up next weekend on Sunday 30 September at 7am in Urdaneta Village. There will be a fun dash, a 3km, and a 6km run. Tickets are now on sale before and after school as you enter on Ground Level. I already have my 6km race number and look forward to seeing lots of you there. All the proceeds go directly to our Service Learning programmes.

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