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Well-Being Week

Our students will learn to:

  • Be happy, healthy and well-balanced
  • Have the tools to self-regulate and be resilient in adversity
  • Be confident in expressing and in being themselves

– BSM Vision and Mission

Well-Being Week Having launched our Well-Being Framework in the first week of school, this week saw us host our annual Well Being Week. One of the key events in primary (and up to year 9 in senior) was the opportunity for students to tell their story, their personal narrative. I spent Wednesday afternoon listening to a number of our children tell their stories. It was a moment of pride and belonging for them. This was the opportunity of positive affirmation for who they are and foundation stones for community building. The autobiographical approach develops both a supportive classroom culture and deeper and richer relationships with others. Students sat in small groups sharing their presentations and having heard fellow classmates elaborate on special things in their lives, they asked lots of great questions. Hearing about the lives of classmates, often from different cultures to their own, fosters interculturality skills. It was clear from the attentive listening and enthusiastic follow up that they were interested and empathetic with their peers narratives. A positive self image and hence personal well-being is the goal here. In addition, awareness of one’s own identity sits at the centre of a child’s own journey as a global citizen.

We would like to thank all of our parents for getting involved in this project – choosing pictures, maybe talking with grandparents and hope that it was fun for you and prompted interesting conversations.

In their autobiographical stories I heard many of the children say they loved reading, which if you have read previous newsletters, this was music to my ears. To continue to promote this love of reading we have had teachers reading to students at lunch time this week and this will continue, as we had many more volunteers than slots available. Listening to others read is a great way to enjoy a story so it was wonderful to see our students copying these lunch time readers and read to their fellow students from the big chair in the library!

Obstacle Course
I have walked past the obstacle course many times this week and what was really evident was the support students were giving each other to complete the more challenging elements. What could be heard above the noises of exertion, were the cheers of “go on you can do it!” This was great to hear and again evidence of a supportive community that we try and foster at BSM.

Addition to BSM Family
I am delighted to welcome a new addition to the BSM family . Ms Eula gave birth to beautiful Alia on 10 September. Mum and daughter are doing well and we look forward to Alia’s first visit to school.

Fun Run
Even more Well-Being can be had at our school Fun Run on Sunday 30 September at 7am. There will be a fun dash, a 3km and a 6km run. Look out for further details in the service section of this newsletter.

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