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Developing Reading Workshop for parents

“Foster a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures partnerships for learning and a sense of community”
– BSM Vision and Mission

Reading Workshop
On Wednesday morning we ran a Developing Reading Workshop for parents. We began by asking attendees to think back to their childhood to recall a book that was special to them to reignite the power that books can have, in case this had been forgotten. We got Judy Blume, Hardy Boys, Paul Jennings, Enid Blyton and the Famous Five on the list amongst many others. Titles popping up on the screen jogging the memory of others present of their connection with that author or book and prompting happy thoughts as books can do. Reading was broken down into its component parts. Firstly, the skills required for reading, secondly comprehension, understanding what you are reading and finally to complete the circle – making that connection with a book, the magic of text that fires the imagination.

Parents were put in a child’s shoes and asked some searching questions about a video story, including more advanced skills of inference and prediction. It is usually these elements of our sessions where parents are given similar questions to those used in classrooms that they realise how challenging tasks set are and what their children face on a daily basis. The overriding message that we really wanted to stress was the role parents could play in fostering the love of reading. Modelling themselves as readers, taking time regularly to share books with their children, having fun with stories and bringing the magic in books alive are all part of that. If you can switch children on to books so they love reading there will be huge benefits. As I quoted last week, those who read more do better academically, have greater empathy with others and have a better wellbeing.

Parents were then introduced to the new way the library has organised in to genres (I want to use the word genrified here but I think I may have made that up so I won’t!). Your children can now find mystery books, adventure books and scary stories to name a few. Children can now more easily find genres that excite them, which is exactly what we are aiming for.

When we surveyed children recently, we were disappointed to find that only a few were read to regularly. We aim to run this survey again towards the end of this year and we hope to see in the results lots more children are being read to and listened to read.

Primary Parent Teacher Conferences
PTCs will be held next Tuesday 4 September from 12.30-6pm. This will be an opportunity to discuss how your child has settled into their new class and for you to individually meet the class teacher. We will finish at lunch time that day so all children will need to be picked up at 11.35am. There will be a bus service at this time for those children who return home by bus.

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