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The Fun of Reading

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“Foster a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures partnerships for learning and a sense of community”

– BSM Vision and Mission
This morning’s assembly in Primary focused on a four letter word that is one of our key drives this year. That word is READ and our drive is to work as a community to foster all children’s desire to read. Research suggests those who read more do better academically, have greater empathy with others and have a better wellbeing. All great reasons to be an avid reader but the most important reason is because it’s FUN. There is something magical about getting lost in a good book and I always look forward to the last half hour of my day when I read. It could be a journey of escapism or it could be an educational book that sparks my thoughts about how we do things at BSM. At weekends it could also be a cook book, exploring new recipes to try out in my kitchen, where I must add I fail regularly! Reading is not just reading story books, a point that Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Power made well in the assembly.

We heard a number of teachers reading favourite stories but just snippets of those. Only snippets to instill the desire to go and check out the book and see what happens in the end. Our library has now been sorted into genres, so if your child likes mystery or adventure stories, for example, they are much easier to find.

We finished our assembly with a plea to parents to engage with your child’s reading.

As Neil Griffiths our visiting author from last year said, you are never too old to enjoy a story being told to you. He proved this in sessions he did with parents!

When we surveyed children at the end of last year we were shocked to learn that less than a quarter of BSM primary students are being read to at home everyday. But we know that to develop a love of reading this should continue beyond our youngest students where the numbers were higher. We are on a mission this year is to make this happen and will be surveying children again at the end of this year.

So… first step of our mission is to invite you to attend a reading workshop on Wednesday 29 August at 8am in the Senior Cafeteria next week. In 45 minutes, we plan to take you on a journey to the LRC – reintroduce you to the magic of reading and show you ways to bring it to life, at home with your children.

Enjoy your long weekend
I look forward to seeing all of your children again on Tuesday and am once again excited by the opportunities that lie ahead this year. Have a great long weekend.

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