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Perceptions, people, priorities and plans – Part 2

Picking up from my message last week, herewith a further look at my time at BSM thus far, my impressions and the start of some forward planning. 

It is clear that the theme of community seems to be at the heart of so many conversations and I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with all members of the BSM community. It is clear that our various constituents have a common feeling around community and the importance it holds in our school but each have different experiences thereof. I have been told by visitors to the school that they sense an energy and common mindset amongst BSMers. How we achieve and uphold that is not clearly defined, but it is something we commit to daily.   

Before the end of the academic year we will have the opportunity to explore what this means to us and what we do and can continue to do, to maintain and develop our special BSM community spirit.   

Another essential school element which has regularly been raised with me and which I have also seen to need review, is our school communications. At first this stumped me. We do communicate. Regularly. Directedly. In detail. However, there is a frustration amongst many in our community around the complexity of this. We are looking closely at this to understand successes and shortcomings and to produce a clear communications network with defined and clear pathways for two-way interaction. A 1-page communication guide is nearing completion, for distribution next term.  

As mentioned earlier this year, our space planning exercise is underway and almost complete. We look forward to sharing outcomes and future plans with you next term. The re-purposing of areas opened up by the Creative Arts Centre, provides wonderful opportunities for improvement and advancement of experiences for our students. Any changes will not be overnight, but I am sure you will be excited by the proposals. As with other items here, feedback will be shared next term.    

Another area for evaluation has been health and safety on school trips. Extensive consultation has been undertaken and a revised approach will be shared in more detail with all next term. 

Along with these areas for review, our BSM school Board of Governors have set clear expectations of me with regards other key functions and they have been incredibly supportive in moving ahead.   

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to sharing, thinking and planning. I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming end-of-term school events. 

Enjoy a family-filled weekend. 

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