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Tournaments and ASA Feedback

Important dates:

6 December – Primary & Senior ASA Season 2 Intermission due to Christmas Productions
14 February 2020: Season 2 ASAs finish


ASA Feedback

We have sent out an ASA Feedback Form, please could you take a few minutes to fill out the form. Your feedback will help us develop and improve the ASA Programme

ASA Feedback Form
SchoolsBuddy Sport ASA Feedback Form

Deadline to fill in the Feedback Form is on Friday, 13 December. 


Reception ASAs

Last day of Reception ASAs was Friday, 29 November before going on break due to Christmas productions and activi-ties. Reception ASAs will resume on Monday, 6 January.

Primary & Senior ASAs

Just a reminder, the last day of Primary and Senior ASAs will be today, Friday 6 December (except for the ASAs listed below) before going on break due to Christmas productions and activities.  ASAs will resume on Monday, 6 January.

ASAs going ahead 9-12 December

  • Ballet
  • BSM Orchestra
  • BSM String Ensemble
  • BSM Sings Junior
  • BSM Sings Intermediate
  • BSM Sings Senior
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop Singing
  • Swimming


Upcoming Sports Trips

U18 Breakers Cup
BISP, Thailand
5-8 December 2019
Good luck to our Squad!
Schedule and Results


Sports Announcements:


Gymnastics FOBISIA
Bangkok Patana, Thailand
29 November – 2 December 2019

Congratulations to our Squad! The BSM team had a fantastic weekend and we are very proud of all the gymnasts who performed marvellously in their competitions. 

We also had some outstanding results to come back with:
Individual all around:

Aluna Labrador – 1st place (Level 2 Junior)
Kylie Chua – 4th place (Level 2 Senior)
Polly Prasad-Smith – 5th place (Level 3)
Anika Syhau – 5th place (Level 4)
Rian McCole – 1st place (Level 2)

Team awards

Level 2 Junior team (WAG) – 3rd place overall
Level 3 – 4th place overall
Level 4 (WAG)  – 2nd place overall

Results and Photos


Congratulations to all our gymnasts who have trained and competed this term. It’s been a busy and wonderful start to the year.  Please join us for a Christmas Party on Monday 9 December, 3.30 – 5.00pm. This will be in the main hall, please bring pot luck snacks to share. We look forward to seeing you there and saying thank you to the Coaches.  

Have a wonderful end of the term and Christmas break! 

Calendar Check! (There is no more gym training until after Christmas! Happy Christmas!)

For the remainder of Season 2 there will be no gymnastics on the following dates:

Tumble & Roll 

1-14 December


1-14 December (no Main Hall)
23 – 25 January (ISAC)
7 – 8 February (International Evening)

ASA Season 2 ends Saturday 15 February 2020.


Used BSM sleeveless leotards to sell: If you have a BSM sleeveless leotard that your child no longer uses and you would like to sell it 2nd hand, please contact



Bonifacio Cup

The Bonifacio Cup has been postponed until after the Christmas break. 

FOBISIA Swimming

Congratulations to the students who have been selected for the FOBISIA Swimming Team and will travel to South Korea in February. 

This Link will take you to the Information Sheet with further details.  

Swimming ASA

Swimming ASAs and Learn To Swim will continue until 7:00am on Friday 13 December.



ASA Important Dates & Schedules
Sports Fixtures and Results


BSM Sports and ASA has its own Twitter page. Feel free to follow us if you are not already doing so. We are posting official updates on all things ASA, sport and extra curricular PE from The British School Manila.


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