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Values, Vuvuzelas and Double Victory!

As the buzzer sounded, a cacophony of noise almost lifted the roof off the Main Hall and confirmed once again, BSM had completed another ISAC ‘double’. 

The boys had dispatched Cebu International School (CIS) 1-0 after extra time, an hour before the basketball which meant the girls’ convincing victory over Southville confirmed a ruthless BSM domination of ISAC Season 2 2020.

The three days of competition saw the boys’ footballers dominate from the first game, a 4-0 win over Faith International Academy (FIA).  A windy goalless draw with CIS was the only minor bump in a smooth straight road to the play offs, making light work of teams and scoring 44 goals in only 6 games, conceeding only one. 

Following a straightforward win over FIA in the semis, the final with CIS beckoned. Within the first few minutes it was clear this would be just as tight as the group game vs CIS and there was a general feeling one goal would be enough. The boys were structured, energetic and relentless in pursuit of a goal and it took a while coming. Normal time came and went with chances for both teams to score; a great save from Shray keeping BSM in it. The goal finally came through a Charles Pickering header, after a scrumptious ball in from the left from our resident magician Will Winter. 

On the final whistle BSM’s 6th Football title in seven years was confirmed and there was a roar from the home crowd loud enough to hear down the High Street. An ice bucket was thrown over Mr Dunstan’s head and pandemonium ensued on the sidelines with people hugging people they didn’t even know whilst shouting things like ‘get in lads’ and ‘We love you Eric’. Even the school website went down as everyone scrambled to try and order BSM shirts with ‘Binns’ on the back!

The girls’ Basketball final was next and whilst Mr Dunstan was drying off and putting his phone into dry rice, the girls went into an early lead. In fairness, despite a baron spell in the 3rd, the girls were free scoring and also ruthless in their defence. A mix of zonal and man to man marking, deployed with razor sharp effectiveness under Coach Archie’s instruction had gotten the girls to the final with a 6 and 0 record, and that record never looked in any doubt of being smudged.

Conceding only 66 points in 6 games in the group stages, the girls started as they meant to go on, beating FIA by a 35 point margin. This was bettered in their next game, beating CIS 44-6. Only Brent International School Manila came within 12 points of the fast, well drilled and slick girls’ side. Emily and Olivia were worried about ‘air balls’ before a ball was touched, but more often than not they found their target and provided key points when it mattered. Keeva – an ISAC veteran of four years personified ‘cool and calm’, throughout she was a wonderful role model for others amongst the hustle and bustle of the court. 

A great team effort, with all ten players getting substantial court time, saw a 44 – 9 victory over FIA in the semis. The passing was slick, the defence was strong and the ball was dropping in; months, if not years, of hard work were coming to the fore and the girls had found their groove. 

The victory confirmed BSM would play Southville in the final and have another chance to beat the mighty Monarchs. 40 something minutes later, in a jam-packed main hall amongst the marmite-like sound of Vuvuzelas and enthusiastic chants of’ BSM is hot to go’, the girls winded up 38 – 18 winners. Comfortable and controlled throughout they become the most dominant BSM girls’ Basketball team to win ISAC in recent memory.

A huge thank you to all those that made tournament possible, this was a real whole school effort made possible in no small part by the outstanding work our support staff do.

Lewis Keens
Director of Sports and Activities


ISAC Season 2 SQUAD 19/20

Eric Andrew Hagedorn Almendral 12MKU
Dominic Jonas Binns 11NBA
Jose Francisco Borromeo 11ARE
Guthrie George Doig Henderson 10HDE
Preston Theppithak Doll 12NBR
Shray Gupta 10SRO
Joshua Phillip Hyams 12MKU
George Nueve Ponte Leather 13ATU
Greg Duncan Mitchell 12DCL
Charles Simon Pickering 13NMC
Zeke Raphael Sy 13ATU
Zachary Taningco 10EWA
Sam Rudolfo Taylor 11ARE
William Michael Winter 13GAN
Michael Reginals White 10HDE
Andreanna Patrice Ti Chua 10EWA
Charlotte Ponte Leather 11ARE
Atasha Aaron Muhlach 13GAN
Ylisse Amandine Quiaoit Vistan 12PHA
Emily Richardson 11SGI
Paisly Alyanna Sia 12DCL
Ayelet Van Der Hulst 12NBR
Olivia Catherine van Niekerk 11ARE
Keeva Patricia Elizabeth Whyte 13JST
Ella Jo Winlaw 11SGI
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