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Perceptions, people, priorities and plans – Part 1

As my first term at BSM comes to an end it would be prudent, and just good community-driven practice, to share with you my initial impressions of BSM and possible plans for the future. I will share my thoughts over the coming weeks and follow up as the year progresses.  

BSM is without doubt a great school. I see and feel it and absorb it daily. We have a robust learning environment which is at its heart community-centred and demonstrates some of the best international educational practices out there. The commitment to thinking on educational models and pedagogical approaches is praiseworthy and clearly impacts heavily on the experiences of our students. Our recent adoption of conceptualised learning is leading the way on many fronts, with many schools slowly beginning to adopt this in their strategies too as they see its immense value.  

At BSM we value academic performance but are wholly committed to student learning. The same but very different. We are educationally relevant because we set high expectations for engagement and presuppose the development of critical thinking. Our promise of an outstanding holistic international education will continue to drive our thinking and set a platform to stimulate our future planning. 

It is clear that our commitment to global citizenship is well established and, in our Primary School, well embedded in curriculum approaches to sustainability. The extension vertically to our Senior School has also had incredible successes beyond the classroom at Model United Nations, Service Learning and a commitment to global concepts. Our newly launched Precious Plastics Project raises even further our Service Learning to a level of commitment which is more practical, measurable and impact-based.   

At the heart of our school is a corps of teaching professionals with a passion for what they do and a commitment to our most important stakeholders – our students. 

I know that I have so much more to learn about BSM and look forward to gaining clearer insight into the many facets that make up our wonderful community. Thank you again to everyone who has been so welcoming and supportive and to our children who are infectious in their smiles, quick to engage, swift in their judgement and eager to learn.  

As the festive season picks up pace and passion, spare a thought for those around the world who do not have as much to be thankful for or celebrate. 

Enjoy a family-filled weekend. 

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