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Typhoon Mangkhut/Ompong

Last week ended and this week began with Typhoon Mangkhut/Ompong. It was a stark reminder of the power of Mother Nature and the vulnerability of so many communities in the Philippines. With the help of key partners, BSM has been able to begin the process of providing support. This first response has been helping with immediate needs, mainly food and water. With the support of Springboard and the National Civil Defense Network, the supplies we and many others in Manila collected were transported on Monday overnight and arrived early on Tuesday morning. However, we recognise that this is just the start. With crops and livestock devastated and houses damaged, the communities will require significant support over the coming months.

I believe one of the real concerns is how little international coverage there has been of the huge damage that has inflicted by the storm in Northern and Central Luzon. It seems that the impact of the Typhoon on the Philippines was overshadowed by Hurricane Florence in the USA and also the footage generated from Hong Kong as the Typhoon made landfall. This, in turn, may limit the response from outside the Philippines. However, we are galvanizing support from the region; Dulwich Singapore has quickly stepped up and collections are beginning. We hope other schools and organisations will get involved. So, if you have connections that will help – spread the word, we can help make sure the support gets up into the region and your help will be greatly appreciated. We are continuing our collections and raising additional funds through the Fun Run and other methods. We will keep you informed of how the situation is progressing and let you know what is required over the coming weeks and months

Fun Run: 30 September 2018, 7am
It’s time to dust off those running shoes, gather up the family (and any friends who may be interested), and join us on the healthiest school community event of the year – the ‘BSM Fun Run’. It’s healthy, it is finished by about 9.00am, it really is an event for the whole family (babies are free!) and every peso raised goes directly to our community service partners. Tickets are on sale at Ground Level during drop-off and pick-up times and at Level 2 Reception at all other times. I will see you there.

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