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Autobiographical Project

It has been a wonderful Well-Being week with a vast variety of activities and displays designed to support our students reflect on and develop their personal well-being. A new whole school focus this year has been the Autobiographical Project where all of our students from Nursery through to Y9 have prepared and delivered a presentation about themselves to their classmates. Getting to know yourself and exploring your background and heritage is an important part of Self-Acceptance, a key area in well-being. The goals of this project have been; to celebrate each student as part of our community; to strengthen the sense of belonging for students within our community through affirmation of their background; to explore our own personal background to further understand ourselves; and to create a mutually respectful environment based on further understanding and valuing each individual (including the teacher). ‘Including teacher’ is a key part of this process and each class has had their teacher model a presentation as the first part of this process.

We know that our sense of community is a key part of our school and the Autobiographical Project has both celebrated our diversity and further strengthened our bonds. I can’t think of a better way to get to know each other just that little bit more deeply than to be the audience for our peers as they share what really matters to them.

PTA Committee
Following on from last week we are very proud to announce our new PTA Committee for 2018/2019. Lisel Binns (President); Eva Uy (Vice President); Jennifer Verlini (Secretary); Jodi Smith (Treasurer); Jenny Moriarty; Carrie-Anne Taylor; James Lette; Carolyn Daunt; Christy Long; Andy Haywood; Anita Patel; Adriana Halpin and Jane Templeman. We are looking forward to another year full of great community building events and we thank this group in advance for their commitment to the school.

Fun Run: 30 September 2018, 7am
It’s time to dust off those running shoes, gather up the family (and any friends who may be interested) and join us on the healthiest school community event of the year the ‘BSM Fun Run’. It’s healthy, it is finished by about 9.00am, it really is an event for the whole family (babies are free!) and every peso raised goes directly to our community service partners. So please purchase your tickets from 20 September and I will see you there.

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