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Making Connections

As you are aware this term we launched our Well-Being framework and we have also, over the past few years been designing a curriculum to develop Global Citizens who will positively contribute to their communities. Connected with these initiatives is our drive to support students progress academically and help our children flourish. When we add our focus on a holistic education this seems like a large number of initiatives, however, the reality is these areas of focus are tightly interconnected and most of what we are doing at anytime meets more than one of these goals. Good examples of this are; when we focus on identity this covers Well-Being, Global Citizenship and in most cases literacy and communication; when our students embark on their residential programmes they develop independence and resilience (Well-Being) and engage in a key aspect of our holistic approach to education; and our choice of English texts support the development of empathy and the understanding of others (Well-Being) and interculturalism (Global Citizenship). These are just a few of the great many ways connections are made when learning is designed well.

We believe, by engaging our students in authentic learning, based on their world, we not only connect these many different strands but we also prepare your children to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will be the basis of their learning for the rest of their lives. Our role as teachers, educators and school leaders is to make sure that we are able to connect the dots for students in our planning so these dots are connected in their learning. We also aim to support them transfer the knowledge, skills and understandings from one context to another. This transfer is a complex skill and needs careful planning and development. As I reflect on the start to this year and our progress in meeting these complex goals, in and outside the classrooms it fills me with great pride and I also reflect that the time our teachers and support staff invest in collaborative planning and personal learning is central to this process.

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