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FOBISIA Turns 30!

Last weekend, I and other school leaders attended the FOBISIA Leadership Conference and it was my honour to be Chair of FOBISIA in the year that we celebrated our 30th Birthday. It was a wonderful conference and our theme of ‘Leading Inclusively’ was a fitting reflection on our journey as a Federation. As part of the celebration, we took the opportunity to reflect back on our 30 years and celebrate where we are now in 2018.

In 1988, Ron Stones gathered the school heads of British School Jakarta, Tanglin Trust School, Kinabalu International School, Patana School Boangkok, Alice Smith and British School Manila – and FOBISIA was born. At this time, the goals of the group were to provide mutual support, share issues and ideas and look at school development. These things have not changed and they remain part of the ‘core business’ of FOBISIA. However, we have added two significant areas to our core business. Firstly, as you will know, we have developed a huge range of events that enrich the opportunities for our children, facilitating the interaction and collaboration between thousands of FOBISIA Students each year. This started with sport and now includes the Visual and Performing Arts, academic enrichment, creative writing, Model United Nations, leadership programmes – the list goes on. The second area is in professional development for our staff and again hundreds of our teachers benefit from these programmes annually. In short, we are an organisation that focuses on our people, students, staff and school leaders. This is so fitting, because schools are organisations designed to support people.

These incredibly positive changes have been evolutionary and a result of a steady growth of the Federation over the last 30 years. We now welcome members from right across Asia rather than limiting our region to South East Asia. Our expansion in size, from six schools to 61 schools, allows us to employ a COO and staff at HQ in Bangkok to facilitate our programmes. HQ in turn has had a significant part to play in developing what we are able to offer to our members and has directly expanded our offer.

As we look forward, we expect to see continued growth and the beauty of this is it allows more students, more staff and more leaders to enjoy the opportunities we, as member schools, value so greatly. So Happy Birthday FOBISIA and on behalf of BSM I can say we are honoured to be one of the six founding schools.

New School Website
Thank you to all families who have provided feedback on our new website. We are now going to act on that feedback, iron out a few of the glitches and we will let you know when we will be transferring across.

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