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Three Wonderful Examples of what we do

Often the first Monday back after the school break is a bit of a shock to our systems. Re-adjusting the body clock, dealing with issues that have come up over the break and just generally getting back into the routines of work. However, this Monday was slightly different and a very up-beat experience. Almost before school started three wonderful examples of the quality of what we do at BSM came rolling in.

Having completed the book keeping and adding up the proceeds for International Evening we discovered we have raised around Php 1.2M. This is a wonderful achievement and will help underpin all of our work with Service Partners. The evening was a wonderful event put on by our community for our community and to raise this level of funds is an astonishing achievement.

Secondly, I was forwarded a link for the Philippine Star titled ‘Putting the W in tech’. The article outlined the wonderful work that has been undertaken by a group of our female students to give access to girls and young women in many disadvantaged areas in the Philippines. This work includes providing access to lap-tops but also offering training in coding. A wonderful initiative led by one of our amazing Year 13 students, Audrey Pe. If you would like to read more – https://www.philstar.com/other-sections/starweek-magazine/2019/03/03/1898286/putting-w-tech

Last but not least, our Junior SEAMC team returned victorious from Singapore. I have added the write-up by our maths department about this amazing achievement below.

We often hear, with good reason, that BSM is punching above its weight when it comes to sporting events, and in the same spirit our mathematicians have proved themselves to be heavy hitters in the annual South-East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC). Having won the competition for two consecutive years at Senior and Junior level, this year we only entered for the Junior Level and slugged it out with the top schools from the region in Singapore. Thankfully, despite the pressure, Ravi, Matthew, Vince, Chris, Francis and Ethan retained our champion status.

It was fantastic to see the school’s name in lights and our students proudly collecting the trophy at the Singapore Institute of Management, who supported and hosted the event. The structure of the competition is designed to promote wider skills of collaboration, working with international partners and communication, alongside the razor sharp and lightning fast mathematics you might expect.

Our students were complimented on the way they conducted themselves throughout and BSM’s reputation for producing top-quality, well-rounded mathematicians has been hugely enhanced. My thanks go out to the parents of the students involved, who have had such a positive impact on the development of competition maths at BSM, and to Mrs Storey who trained the team and has been in most of these students’ (mathematical) corner since Year 6.

The students will, if they wish, now go on to the World Mathematics Competition (WMC) in June held in Trinity College Melbourne, where they will battle it out against the best young mathematicians in the world.

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