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Soft Opening of the Visual and Performing Arts Building

Thursday was another milestone in the History of the progress of BSM. In 1999 BSM embarked on expanding from a Primary School and began the growth of our Senior School and in 2001 BSM moved from Merville to BGC. This growth continued and required ongoing development of the site on 36th Street. The development was incremental and aligned with the evolving needs of the school community. On Thursday we recognised the next major, and maybe the last step on that journey with the soft opening of the Visual and Performing Arts Building. I think it is fair to say our community was wowed by the facility.

I have spoken to a number of people about how BSM has evolved, to Peter Lawrence a former governor who was instrumental in making the move to BGC, to Simon Bewlay who secured the Sports Field, and to Alan Hearn who took responsibility for all the development on our present site. I also spent time with Chris Mantz and Ian Clayton who were part of the plan to add a building onto our then car park and now Visual and Performing Arts facility.

When I arrived at BSM I was shown an artist’s impression of an auditorium and as we went through the process of strategic planning in 2012 this developed into what is now our new facility. For many of us it feels like it has been a five year project from the selection of architects in 2014 to Thursday’s opening. However, we need to recognise the thinking goes way back to 2007. Personally, I am very grateful for the insightful thinking of the then school leadership which have supported us to complete a building that has been designed to enrich the learning of all our students.

In parallel with the construction we have been developing, enriching and expanding the Visual and Performing Arts team and learning in this critical area of education at BSM. We are now very excited about the prospect of putting our wonderful team into this amazing building and I will certainly be asking for updates on how this evolves – I believe it is going to be quite exceptional.

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