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Visit from the Department of Education

I have just returned home on Wednesday evening and reflected on our day. This morning we had three educators, Mr Baligat, Ms Ongtanco, led by Dr. Mayo from the Department of Education, visit BSM as part of our process for gaining accreditation with the NCR. It is always a pleasure to tour guests and it was especially a pleasure today to tour such seasoned educators. Dr. Mayo has been with the Department of Education for 39 years and her enthusiasm for learning was evident to us all. As with many of our tours it began in the Early Years and moved through the Primary and into the Senior School via the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The theme of the whole tour was learning and we discussed our educational philosophies, our goals, our development and, at times, our successes. These situations often remind us of our progress and the many changes that we have experienced. Over the past seven years our leadership teams, our wonderful teachers and support staff have been on an incredibly rich educational journey. We have refined our skills focus with Learning Power, we adapted to developing a ‘growth mindset’ in our students, we have added ‘exhibitions’ and refined the use of assessment to ensure it supports learning. Over the past three years we have developed a curriculum designed to develop positive global citizens and most recently we have turned our attention to the Well-Being of our community. This has been some journey and while I feel very lucky as a parent to have had my children educated at BSM, I sometimes wish that they were having their time with us now – their experience would have been just that bit richer and more meaningful.

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