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International Evening

As I was contemplating the theme of this week’s Lion’s Roar there was only one winner, International Evening. Probably my favourite evening in the BSM calendar and just a perfect example
of what makes BSM great. An evening based on the collaboration between parents, external friends of the school, our staff and teachers and of course our students. Our community working together to put on a wonderful event for all of our stakeholders and in doing so raising considerable funds for our service partners and local NGOs. What could be more BSM?

This is our 7th International Evening, and I think the best I have attended, we had over 2,000 members of our community eating, drinking and being entertained. The international parade set the tone for the evening, demonstrating the pride of our families in their backgrounds but done with humour and fun. Our families who ran the food stalls not only show-cased the best of their cuisine, they also gave us a real favour (excuse the pun) of their culture and they did so in quantity – feeding the thousands is no mean feat! Our visual and performing arts team ran the stage as professionals and our performers lived up to their high expectations. The bar team were run off their feet and our operations team worked tirelessly before, during and after the event. Finally, I must acknowledge the wonderful work of Emma Denton who co-ordinated the whole evening.

The feedback from everyone who attended has been overwhelmingly positive, but my favourite feedback has been from those new to the BSM community, which summed up was ‘Is it always like this at BSM events?’ and ‘I kept hearing about the BSM sense of community – now I understand what people have been talking about!’. How much we raised will take a little time to calculate and we will let you know in a few weeks. The Board at our meeting on Monday asked that I thank all involved and they expressed their great appreciation of both the event and all the members of our community who made it all possible. I add my thanks and I know that all involved will be as proud of their achievements as we are of the evening they put on for our community.

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