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As we lead into our International Evening and major fundraiser for our Service Learning Programmes, it seems a great opportunity to highlight one of our longest running partnerships. Over the past three years we have been working with the NGO Gawad Kalinga supporting them to provide permanent housing for communities in need. Our work at Escopa III started at the inception of the village and we are now in the final phase of completion. Over this time, we have had children from Year 2 and Year 9 regularly visiting the site and supporting progress.

Three weeks ago our Year 9 students spent three days working with the Escopa III community. They interacted with the families living in Escopa III, worked on the finishing programme of the village and had an amazingly enriching experience. One part of the project summed up the relationship our BSM Students have been part of over the past three years. In partnership with members of the community and ‘Gerilya’, an art project group, our students were involved in producing a wonderful mural. This is the message we received this week from Mar Rios, the Artist who led this project.

‘Sending you pics from the completed mural in Gawad Kalinga Escopa III. We had an amazing time painting with the students as well as with the kids from the community who also helped us afterwards. Thank you so much for the opportunity and looking forward to working on a great project like this soon. Cheers!’

As with all of our projects this mural is something we can all be proud of being part of and I must extend thanks for the hard work that goes in from the whole of our community to make this type of achievement possible.

I look forward to seeing you this evening.

Go #BSMServiceLearning!!

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