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Well-Being Framework from EYFS to Parents

Wednesday morning was a wonderful example of how we embrace, engage and support learning with all ages. The Senior School Cafeteria had a good turn-out of parents discussing and exploring the issue of Anxiety and how it can be better understood and supported. This was wonderfully led by the members of the Senior Leadership Team and Counselling Team. Concurrently, on the Don Jones, we had 80 plus Reception and Nursery Children (and probably as many parents) taking part in the Early Years Sports Day. It involved sack races, the ring toss, a balance course, obstacle courses, shuttle runs, stilt walking and much more – we even had a parent race. The activities were carefully selected to cover the full scope of the gross motor skills that our children need and we work so hard to develop. It also had fun, exercise and activity at the center of the design. The focus from the PE Department on ensuring all our children develop the key gross motor skills to meaningfully engage in physical activity and pursue hobbies and activities as part of their lives is an essential building block in the growth of our children into well balanced adults.

As you might have recognised this family workshop and the Early Years Sports Day had a common theme. Both are linked to our Well-Being Framework. Educating our families to support themselves and their children with anxiety is a powerful way of supporting the development of Self-Regulation which is so important for us all. The Nursery and Reception children were laying the foundations that will promote and develop them Lead a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle, another critical part of our lives if we are to maintain personal well-being. It really was Well-Being Wednesday!

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