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Nut Free Campus

This is a gentle reminder that we are a NUT FREE CAMPUS. Please make sure that you do not bring nuts in any form to school since we have students with severe allergic reactions to nuts. Exposure could have a serious reaction which can be life threatening.

Most students with nut allergy react after contact with small amounts (less than one nut) and some people may react to trace amounts. This means that you don’t always have to eat nuts to have a reaction. A few people are so sensitive to nut allergens that a tiny amount on their lips, or even standing next to someone eating peanuts can be enough to start a reaction.

An allergic reaction usually happens right away, but some people can have another reaction a few hours after they eat a nut or peanut.

Thank you.

Beth Provido, Shelley Saul & Gizelle Garcia
School Nurses

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