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Maths Parent Workshop

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On Tuesday after school Mr. Pearson ran a thought provoking professional development session for Primary teachers. This challenged our thinking and provided opportunities to put new learning into practice and we all learnt things. On Wednesday morning it was the parents turn and we were thrilled with the turnout with 80+ parents attending. Here is what Mr. Pearson has to say about the wonderful subject we call mathematics and the second session he ran: Maths is a creative subject. This was the main point of learning at a very well attended Primary School parent workshop this week. At the highest end of academia new mathematical ideas are being created – often by combining areas of maths previously thought to be separate – in creative ways; but the problem remains how do we let Primary School children see the creativity in maths when they are learning at a much more basic level. This is something we have been working on for many years at BSM. We see calculations not as a set of rules to follow without question or explanation, but as a creative endeavor. Through teaching conceptually, allowing students time to voice their mental strategies and allowing time for them to listen to the strategies of others, our students begin to see even simple mathematical calculations as something flexible, adaptable and creative. For many, we believe that understanding maths as a creative subject will ultimately lead to a feeling of confidence and joy that will last for the rest of their lives.

Fun Run

Even more parents were in attendance at Sunday’s Fun Run with 697 entrants across the school and a collective 2,361 kilometres ran. It was a fabulous BSM community event that very much supported the Well Being strand of a healthy balanced lifestyle, in particular staying active through sport and exercise. There are numerous benefits of exercise that contribute to better health, better mood and increased energy amongst others. I did not start running until about eight years ago but I now count myself as a runner and can be regularly found before the sun rises pounding the streets around where I live. I find on days that I run I am charged and full of energy for the day ahead. I enjoy the challenge and I love that it contributes to my overall well-being. If you took part well done and hopefully that may be the start of your journey as a regular runner.

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