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Engaging Beyond the Classroom

The recent EARCOS School Leaders’ Conference did what conferences do, bring people together to share ideas and concepts around their field. In this case, education. EARCOS is the East Asia Regional Council of Schools representing over 170 schools to provide a platform for collaboration and professional learning. The conference theme this year was “Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance.”  

The keynote speakers, Graham Brown-Martin: Learning Innovation in an Era of Exponential Change, Carlene Firmin: Build a contextual response to peer-on-peer abuse in schools, and Will Richardson: This Is Personal: Learning in the Modern World, all posed thought-provoking and relevant context to where we are at BSM.

As with these and the over 70 workshops on offer, it was clear that so much of what we do at BSM is on point with international thought and practice. It was also clear that there are opportunities for us to explore in order to continue our growth and development.

This weekend we will attend the FOBISIA Leaders’ Conference. The theme is ‘Activating Learning’ and speakers include Baroness Susan Greenfield, Kendall Zoller, Julie Stern and Tom Sherrington. Look them up, they are the top people in their fields and we look forward to learning from them.

As with attendance of these key professional development events, BSM is committed to a robust professional development culture and as with the examples here, our faculty and leadership engage regularly with growth opportunities not to tick boxes, but as integral to who we are. If we are to offer the best we must stay up-to-date with developments across the globe. Our Mission statement is clear on this:
BSM will be a learning community where all members have a desire to be life-long learners and strive for excellence.

In our daily endeavours to provide the best learning opportunities, we also engage on a community level to celebrate who we are and engage beyond the classroom, sportsfield and stage. This was exemplified at the annual BSM Guy Fawkes night on Tuesday. It was an unforgettable experience, and I do not mean the fireworks alone! I had heard many times of the tremendous community-centered social celebrations at BSM and I was blown-away by the spirit, sense of shared experience and commitment to community the event showcased.

Thank you to our superb PTA for their incredible efforts, our technical teams, volunteers, students, and everyone involved. A special mention must be made of our fantastic operations team who magically transformed spaces from regular school to Guy Fawkes setup and back again to school in time for a regular Wednesday. I look forward, with great anticipation, to the next BSM community events.

A friendly reminder regarding Notice of Withdrawal Deadline

Please be reminded that parents who do not intend to enrol their child/ren in Term 2 of School Year 2019-2020 should accomplish and submit their Notice of Withdrawal Form to our Admissions Office on or before 13 November 2019. 

In accordance with the School‘s policy, failure to comply with this requirement will entitle the School to payment in full of the fees for the following term in respect of each child to be withdrawn. This is applicable to all Year levels except for Year 13.
Enjoy a family-filled weekend.

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