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Maligayang Pasko

KKS1 Christmas show

Christmas season began on Friday morning with our first Primary Christmas show in the Bayanihan. This was our KS1 show entitled “A Filipino Christmas.” 

Living in this wonderful country you are probably aware that no one quite does Christmas like the Filipinos, who have the longest Christmas season in the world. Carols and decorations can be heard and seen in the malls from the day ringed in calendars for festive season – September 1st! 

Our play this year was written by our own Grace Tiffin Year 4 teacher and our writing co-ordinator. Her script took us on a journey through Christmas past, present and future. For Christmas past we visited A Christmas Carol and old Scrooge himself. For the present we came home for an insight into traditional Filipino festivities. We saw the wonderful parols made from capiz shell, my favourite decoration for this time of year. We then dipped into a feast and it would be an understatement to say Filipinos like food and Christmas is one of their biggest feasts. Celebrations followed with carols being sung and a festive cheer present. 

The future unfortunately looked a bit bleaker with a visit to Boracay. A twist in the tale and not quite what we were expecting. This gave our audience a look at our global citizen themes with the strong message of sustainability and to look after our planet. This was reinforced by returning to BSM  to steer children on that journey. 

Excitement prior to the show had reached crescendo levels, children so keen to act for mum and dad and be part of the collective celebration to begin our festive season.  The singing was exceptional and all the characters delivered their lines with clarity. The costumes were amazing, I particularly loved the Barongs and the Baro’t Saya but all costumes had the children really feeling the part. The rapturous applause at the end was fully deserved from a clearly appreciative audience. A great way to get our Christmas season started and a huge team effort with special thanks to Jane Humberstone our Music teacher for the songs, the parents who co-ordinated the costumes and put the set up and to the  directors of the show Ms Milburn and our script writer Ms Tiffin. 

Our next show is our EYFS  ‘Pasko sa Pinas’ on Wednesday 4 December at 8.30am in the Bayanihan.

Our final Primary show is on the evening of Tuesday 10 December at 6pm, where our KS2 drama club will be taking to the stage. The invite for this is below: 

The Primary School proudly presents the stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s famous story the BFG. Cast and crew from throughout KS2 are very excited to showcase this performance. Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you all to bring your families and friends to share this special event. Please book your tickets here.

Visiting Author Andy Mulligan 

We were delighted to welcome Andy Mulligan former BSM teacher and now famous author back to BSM this week. He ran some workshops with students in both primary and senior and enlightened his audience with his thoughts. I sat in on the Year 6 session where he talked about where his ideas come from for books. He gave us his insight into the origins of the Boy with two Heads story and his novel set in Tondo, called Trash where two boys find an object on the dumpsite where they work and this leads to an exciting adventure. This wet the appetite of our Year 6 students who will be studying this text next term and who now can’t wait to read it. At break time Andy was also hunted down for autographs! 

Van Gogh visit 

On Tuesday 26 November Year 5 and 6 visited the Vincent van Gogh Alive exhibition, one of the first multimedia exhibits to visit Manila and one of the most seen all over the world.  The timing for Year 5 was perfect as it immediately fitted in with their current still life topic, recently celebrated in the Lion’s Roar. As a result, Year 5 had knowledge of Vincent van Gogh and his identity, culture and method prior to our visit. Nevertheless, for both year groups the exhibit provided an authentic learning experience for students to see first, Vincent’s work, story and journey and second, seeing his art through an installation set-up and animated projection medium as an artistic platform.  The story told through the exhibit provided meaning to his life’s works, illustrating the deep relationship between his paintings and his life and the symbolism and expressive nature of his artistic approach, wholly representative of his emotions and sense of self. It is so important for the students to see a body of work that chronicle’s an artist’s life, providing an insight into his existence during the 19th Century in both the Netherlands and France. From this, students can learn of the cultural, historical and personal significance of artworks, as well as experience an immersive, digital exhibition.  Following the exhibit, within the coming lessons, we will reflect on both the digital technology aspect as a medium for curation and artistic method; ‘making our artwork move’ together with celebrating the journey, story and artistic technique of Vincent van Gogh and the legacy he left to us all.   


One of the ways we inform parents of their child’s progress is through school reports. We will be releasing the mid year report for your child on 12 December, details of how to access these will follow. This report will provide you with comments on how your child is developing as a learner. It will give you information on the progress and comparative attainment of your child in reading, writing and maths, as well as targets to address and their attitude to the subject. In addition there will be progress and attitude comments for specialist subjects (art, music, PE and MFL).  

For the comparative attainment of your child we have updated our language to reflect UK practice and removed reference to levels. The terms used now will be:

  • GD Working at greater depth 
  • EXS Working at expected standard
  • WTS Working towards the expected standard

These will be based on UK assessments and teacher judgements. 

A child working at greater depth is usually:

  • Applying what they’ve learned in one area of a subject to other areas
  • Applying their knowledge, skills and understanding consistently, confidently and fluently
  • Being able to explain what they have been doing to others, including teaching other children what they have learned

 A child working at the expected level is:

  • Working at the expected standard for their school year 

 A child working towards is:

  • Not yet reaching the standard expected for their school year 

These reports are distributed at the end of the first term so that children have plenty of time, during the remainder of the school year, to address their targets. 

There will be an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher at Parent Teacher Conferences on: 

  • Monday 13 January, 3-6pm
  • Tuesday 14 January, 1-4pm


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