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Maligayang Pasko

We reach the end of a busy and very productive first term at BSM and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we move into a new decade.  

I will round off our year reflecting on a couple of shows we have hosted in our last few days.  

School Children Should Dance More in Schools say researchers 

This was a headline that caught my eye on my Twitter feed last Friday. This happened just a day after the Key Stage 2 dance spectacular that we held last Thursday afternoon in the hall. We were thrilled to have so many parents in the audience. To end a dance unit with something tangible, something authentic gave the children a goal to work towards. So with an expectant crowd and some great tunes they were ready to give their best. They certainly did this. There was great variety in the choreography and the styles of dance. What was consistent was the level of performance and the thrill in the performers.  

Now let’s go back to my headline which relates to research findings. The University of Helsinki says “In bodily expression and dance, physical activity is combined with expressing feelings, social interaction and cultural participation, which creates a multidimensional link to one’s holistic development, learning and wellbeing in the school context. That is why dance can play a useful role even in preventing mental problems and social exclusion among children and teenagers.” Essentially, dance supports well-being and the physical. 

The study went on to say “that physical movement has positive effects on learning. It seems that the best way to boost cognitive performance is to engage in motorically challenging and versatile forms of physical activity, such as dance.“

More dancing please! 


What a spectacular show we had on Tuesday evening and it included some dancing (though not as good as the KS2 show – as it was just me and Mrs Power!). Our Bayanihan Hall saw the BFG and fellow giants take over.  Incredible puppets came to life with our acting ASA students giving them their voice. Lines delivered with gusto and clarity were evidence of professional coaching and direction and our lighting team made full use of the range available. Humorous lines were delivered with comedic timing and fear built through good use of menacing tone and posture.   

This was a special night in the primary calendar and appreciated by all who were present. Our actors and actresses fully deserved the applause they received at the end. 


Music position

As has been announced in the senior section of this newsletter Mr Costello our Senior music teacher will be moving on at the end of this term. Jane Humberstone currently our Primary music teacher will be taking over his teaching commitments. We have recruited a very experienced specialist primary music teacher to take up the primary role. Jenny Johnstone has done more than 20 years as a music teacher, the last 17 of those in a primary school in Eastbourne. She has worked with Jane before and plays piano, saxophone, guitar and ukulele. We will be welcoming Jenny to join us at BSM at the start of March. In the interim period Mr Boyet will be working with upper KS2 continuing their instrument programme. Ms May Ellen Lim, a qualified teacher who has worked at BSM for the past five years and who has worked covering Music in the Senior School this term, will be covering Years 1-3 and will be with Boyet for the other Primary year groups. Ms Humberstone will be planning and overseeing all the Primary lessons in this period.

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