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Journal Writing

We aim for our students to flourish through: 

  • being happy, healthy and managing their own well-being

– BSM Vision and Mission 

Well-being strand

Under the self-acceptance banner of the Well Being Framework is the strand: 

  • being kind to ourselves 

A key element of this is gratitude an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has. This is very much part of the positive psychology approach. As the Psychology Today website says: “Practising gratitude means paying attention to what we are thankful for to the degree of feeling more kind and compassionate toward the world at large.” 

Being grateful helps increase your well-being, health, and happiness, it is also associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy. 

We are encouraging students through journal writing and through reflection, thinking about What Went Well to foster thoughts of gratitude. We are asking them to savour moments and look out for the positives each day. I have been keeping a journal now for six months and this has certainly had an impact on me. One of the most powerful related actions is looking back on previous entries and realising all of the things that have happened to be thankful for. These feelings were reiterated reading the Robert Emmons book below. 

And one of the conclusions he states is: 

Childhood may be the optimal time to promote healthy attitudes and the prevention of problems, and gratitude training could play an important role in any program designed to foster well-being.” 

Year 6 in last week’s assembly shared with us some of the things they were thankful for, I have chosen three to share with you: 

*friends because they help me learn *school because it allows me to be educated *easy access to water because so many people do not have it 


Year 5 have Thankful Thursdays and this is up on display in their area which I like:

Year 5 concluded by saying: 

“I love journaling because it helps me to express my inner feelings that I do not like to say out loud and jotting them down in my journal. We highly recommend to everyone to try this at home or whenever you feel like it.” 

Why not have a go yourselves. 

PTCs Thank you for your attendance at Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday. Settling in to a new class and in some cases to a new school is key and directly related to well-being. This is why we arrange these meetings early into the school year to discuss how your child has settled and we hope you found the brief discussions valuable. 

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