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Smile and Shine

Dear BSM Family

It is during the tough  times that we really rely on family. These past few weeks of 2020 have been a bit bumpy to say the least. However, the positive support from BSM family members has been phenomenal and certainly smoothed the road somewhat. 

What makes the tough times bearable is the splendid goings-on at BSM. Regardless of the noise around us we have had a wonderful start to the term on the sportsfield, in the arts, in the classroom and beyond. Following our new LR format, this edition is a newsy one and follows from the previous few weeks’ bulletins. Please take time to read through this Lion’s Roar, we have so much to celebrate and cheer and lift our spirits. 

I must mention last week’s ISAC competition which lived up to everything it promised to be. A great BSM spirit pervaded our school and I loved the atmosphere and felt immense pride in our victorious teams. There is so much to mention that I cannot reflect on everything and so finally will highlight higher education activity. You will read elsewhere in this Lion’s Roar of our first tranche of Year 13 students’ higher education acceptances. These too, fill us all with immense pride and are truly praiseworthy. They reflect the exceptional calibre of our students, their commitment to their futures and wonderful support from our teaching corps and significant input from HE counsellors. Congratulations all!

Read on through this newsletter for a good taste of what wonderful successes we achieve at BSM.

I must go back to the current challenge facing us all and thank our BSM team and community for their tremendous support through volcanic eruptions and now a spreading virus. 

Please keep a focus on SMS and email platforms for ongoing updates.

Enjoy a family-filled weekend. 


Martin van der Linde

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