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Graduation and Good-byes

Sadly, this is the time of year when we start to say farewell to members of our community. We begin our goodbyes on Saturday with our IB graduation event, which for Year 13, marks the end of their time at BSM and the beginning of a new chapter as they head to Universities and Colleges around the world. For the first time this year our graduation will be held in the new Creative Arts Centre, a wonderful venue for this important event. The graduation committee have been working on this event for the last 12 months and I’m sure it will be a fitting way to celebrate the many contributions these students have made during their time at BSM. This event is just the start of a series of celebrations for Year 13 over the next month, which also includes the Prom for Years 11-13 on Saturday 15 June and our annual Speech day on Saturday 22 June. We also hope that many of our Year 13 students will join our final Whole School assembly on Friday  28 June.

A number of other students will be leaving the BSM community as families relocate either to their home country or to another overseas posting. It can be difficult as students pack up their lives and have to say goodbye to friends, mixing some sad emotions with the anxiety of what is to come and how they will cope with the transition ahead. The following links provide some tips for parents as you work out the best way to support your children with this transition:

Please remember that our pastoral team and counsellors are available should your child need some additional support as they make the transition from BSM to new countries, schools, universities and colleges.

We look forward to seeing you at Speech Day on Saturday 22 June, Shine Day on Thursday 27 June and our end of year assembly on Friday 28 June.

Next week is Week B.

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